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LookLoveSend designer Eliza DeVogel

Eliza  DeVogel

Designer for LookLoveSend

Where do I begin, I'm Eliza Devogel and cuteness is my game. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan but currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio where I'm currently a freelance Graphic Designer/ Illustrator Extraordinaire.

I suppose you would be interested to know about my development as an artist. Perhaps, it might also interest you to know that I enjoy small dogs with mushy-squished faces, fat kitties, and asian cinema. Theres other lazy day pastimes such as trying to teach my animals to talk, listening to records with my super awesome husband, and baking absurd amounts of cookies and the occasional dozen of cupcakes. Enough of that though, lets get to the jist of this bio.

In terms of art, I always enjoyed drawing and painting since a young age, in fact at age 3, I painted our families television with barbecue sauce, and that was when my family knew I was destined for some sort of career in art. Several years later I attended Kendal College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is where I finally had a place to hone my skills and develop my own unique style. Soon after graduation we moved to Cleveland, Ohio & this is where I later forged and honed my mad skills in the fiery furnaces of the wild and crazy greeting card industry. My achievements in this area included numerous patents and louie nominations.

Despite all of this, I somehow did not end up with a huge ego and equally gigantic head. Carefully crafted cuteness with a combination of pattern, color, line work, texture, typography, hand lettering and a touch of whimsy all combine to serve up something you might call a "look". I just call it good old fashioned cuteness. It might be a mix of all those ingredients, and it could be just one or two. I apply my recipe and create fresh designs for the daring, unique and the bold.

I look forward to creating many more hip and whimsical designs for all of you to enjoy!

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