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In LookLoveSend, We refer to our envelope sizes as A01, A02 etc. Please see below for the actual dimensions of these sizes.

Size Code Dimension Color Envelope Flap Style
A01 5.25x7.25" White Square
A02 5.25x7.25" White Square
A03 4.75x6.5" White Square
A04 4.75x6.5" White Square
A08 4.375x5.75" White Square
A09 4.375x5.75" White Square
A10 5.5x5.5" White Square
A11 4.25x9.5" White Square
Size Code Dimension Color Envelope Flap Style
A12 4.25x9.5" White Square
A13 3.625x5.125" White Square
A14 3.625x5.125" White Square
A15 2.6875x3.6875" White Square
A16 2.6875x3.6875" White Square
A17 6.5x6.5" White Square
A20 9.5x4.25" White Square
A21 9.5x4.25" White Square

Contact us for details on envelope size and paper selection.
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