Baby Shower Invitations Online

Baby Shower Invitations OnlineShopping for baby shower invitations online can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It’s always a good idea to ask the expecting mom (or couple) a few questions first.

Questions to Answer for Baby Shower Invitations Online

Order your baby shower invitations online and get them out in a timely manner. Try to allow for six weeks, but no fewer than four weeks before the shower date.

Baby Shower Theme

Find out if they have a theme in mind, if they want a gender-specific invitation, or any other style ideas. Of course many times it is left up to the host to decide. If you aren’t sure what would appeal most to the mom-to-be, go with a design inspired by the planned nursery decor, a favorite children’s book, or something as simple as a color scheme. LookLoveSend’s original baby shower invitation designs come in a variety of color options.

Baby Shower Guest List

You’ll need to know how many baby shower invitations online to order, and it’s a good idea to add a few extra for last-minute additions by the expecting mom. Also, for an additional cost, high quality Internet sources like LookLoveSend can mail your invitations for you. So have your guest list ready for the count, and addresses too if you choose to have them sent directly, saving you time.

When, Where, Who

Determine where the shower will take place, either in a private home or public setting, and set a time. Have address information ready for the location, as well as the name and best way for guests to RSVP (telephone, email, etc.). You will need all of these details when creating the shower invitations online.

With the logistics figured out, you are ready to order your baby shower invitations online. Then you can shift your focus to planning more creative elements of the party, such as the menu, games and party favors.


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