Make Holiday Cards

Make Holiday CardsEven with the best of intentions, there will be years we can’t make holiday cards that will get into the mail on time. Maybe it’s because we didn’t get a holiday family photo we liked or maybe it was the bustle of the season. What is that cut-off date for making holiday cards, and at what point should we admit that it’s simply too late? Conventional wisdom suggests that if you can get your cards in the mail, post-marked no later than the 24th, go for that “grace period.” Many on your holiday card list will be away and traveling, and expect to receive some straggling holiday cards upon returning home.

What to Do If You Can’t Make Holiday Cards on Your Own

The other option is to consider sending New Year’s cards. These make holiday cards perfectly acceptable to receive late in the game, especially when you include the usual family news updates, a photo of the family or special occasion that happened during the year, or even a gift card for relatives with whom you did not get to celebrate.

More people than ever before are making a conscious decision to make holiday cards stand out simply by sending a card that celebrates the year to come. Moreover, it takes the pressure off–some of these cards don’t even arrive until well into the first or second week of January. This gives you time to use a photo from the holiday season, which can be more readily available when everyone is together anyway than contriving a family photo at other times of the year.

You can make holiday cards at LookLoveSend that go out after the holidays as personalized as regular custom holiday cards with all the same bells and whistles. Choose from a variety of designs for your personal photos and text, choose from flat or folded cards, paper type, card backers and more. When you order 50 or more domestic ground shipping is free.


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