Make the Most of Wedding Photos with Personalized Holiday Cards

Is your wedding photo list complete? Have you and your wedding photographer thoroughly vetted the people and scenes you want captured on your wedding day? Any chance that a photo for this year’s personalized holiday cards made the list?


'Holiday Paisley Frame with Ribbon' by tumbalina

Most photographers worth their salt will invariably capture special, small moments and unrehearsed scenes that end up becoming favorites to use in personalized holiday cards. Plus, today’s digital photography gives couples so much more selection. But with so many shots to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which photos get permanent display in the wedding book or on the wall!

This is one reason the wedding holiday card is such a great option to have. No matter what season your wedding takes place, the holiday season that closes out the year is the perfect chance to share a favorite photo that doesn’t make the cut anywhere else: your album, your website, your wedding thank you notes, or even the official photo you’ll frame and hang on your wall.

Choosing a Wedding Photo for Personalized Holiday Cards

A wedding photo holiday card is a great way to relive the joy of your wedding day. Here are a few pointers to make the most out of it:

  • Uniqueness. No repeats. Just try to choose a photo you aren’t using anywhere else. Don’t use a photo already appearing in other personalized wedding stationery, such as wedding thank you cards. Many of your holiday card recipients are likely to the be the same people you sent thank you cards to.
  • Color vs. Black & White. This is a stylistic preference. Get an early look at personalized holiday cards first to see which designs would work best with your wedding photo. Try the opposite approach also, choosing a holiday card design first to help you select a photo that works well in it.
  • Candid vs. Formal. This is another stylistic preference, but we prefer the chance that unique holiday cards offer to present a less formal, more energetic photo. It’s a great opportunity to focus less on the perfection of poses, and throw out a moment that captures the joy felt on that day. Surprise them with a photo not seen anywhere else!

There are many personalized holiday cards you can choose from for at www.looklovesend.com. Many designs lend themselves to more than one photo, easing any difficulty you may have with a second-runner up you just can’t let go of! All cards print on premium quality, heavy card stock in either a matte or photo glossy finish.

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