Do You Have Good Birthday Party Common Sense?


'Party Hat' by Sarah Trainor for LookLoveSend.com

Whether you’re the party host or guest, there are just a few things you shouldn’t let slide when birthday party invitations are at hand. Here are some of the most common party transgressions, violations of good etiquette and plain, old fashioned common sense:

RSVP vs. Regrets Only

Maybe people don’t care for the high society French-based répondez s’il vous plaît (please respond), or maybe it’s just too much to ask people to pick up the phone.  Frustrating to any host, try offering several ways for people to respond, like email, or use the simpler Regrets Only on your birthday party invitations.

Sunday morning parties

Having lived for a time in the deep South, I don’t know anyone who schedules a party during church–no one  would show up! In other parts of the country, while Sunday mornings aren’t off limits, they’re still not popular. Many a last-minute-party-planning parent finds Sunday  morning the only time slot available at kid-friendly fun-time outlets like bounce houses, roller rinks, bowling lanes and other such places.

Mother’s Day parties

Yes, believe it. Someone you may know is juggling her kids around to get to a party on Mother’s Day. While that party host may not be able to much about the fact that their kid’s birthday falls on Mother’s Day this year, friends don’t need to leave their moms to celebrate it that day. Take our advice, just wait a weekend!

Thank you notes

Once you create birthday invitations, get your thank you notes in hand. That could mean being ready with your camera for a group photo you can turn into thank you notes, or ordering coordinating thank you notes in the same design as the birthday party invitations. Whichever your preference, you’ll find fresh designs for both at www.looklovesend.com. All invitations and note cards print on heavy-weight premium paper, and approved orders ship out within 48 hours.

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