Perfecting the Place Card

Making guests feel welcome is standard practice for the gracious host of any event. Your wedding reception is no exception. Whether you’re going buffet style or sitting down for formal dinner service, use wedding place cards to name every guest at the party and give them a seat at the table.


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The ABCs of Wedding Place Cards

There are several types of wedding place cards to be used for different reasons, depending on the style of your wedding reception.

  • Escort cards direct guests to a specific table.
  • Place setting cards assign guests to a specific seat at the table.
  • Table cards label tables so guests can find where they’re sitting.

Unless you’re going with an open seating reception altogether, you’ll need to decide how to best use place cards to make your guests feel most welcome. Determining which kinds of cards you’ll need depends how formal your wedding reception is. But also consider how to make it easiest for your guests to find their place.

Place Card Placement

Here are a few basic questions to ask that will help you decide what kind of place cards to use and where to place them:

Are you assigning guests to tables only or also assigning seats?

Display place cards at the entrance way to your reception. This works if you are just seating guests at specific tables, and allowing them to arrange themselves once there. If you’re assigning guests to specific seats at your tables, then you’ll need a second set of place setting cards to indicate where each guest (or couple) should sit at all your tables.

Will you need flexibility with seating charts or be making possible changes?

If you expect to make ongoing changes to your seating chart, or anticipate some possible guest additions, order extra blank cards. It’s also advisable to print blank place cards or cards with only the table number indicated. That way you can write in new or changed guest names.

How would you like guests to find their place cards?

Folded, tent-style place cards are easiest, as they can be arranged anywhere: self-standing on a table strategically placed at the reception entrance or cleverly tucked into the slats of vintage, shabby-chic shutters. Flat cards are another way to go if you prefer to enclose them in envelopes for a little more formality. Flat place cards also work well in creative displays too, such as DIY card holders or when hanging gracefully by clips.


You can find beautiful wedding place cards in all kinds of styles online at www.looklovesend.com. Coordinate your place cards with the rest of your wedding invitations, or look for a design that complements your wedding style or color. Cards are printed on premium quality card stock flat or folded, personalized with the information you want.

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