Buying an Online Wedding Invitation: A Better Way to Go

My own wedding was twelve years ago but, to this day, whenever I go in the card and stationary store at the mall, I think of my wedding invitation hassle. There are not many brides-to-be who can honestly say that the process of planning a wedding doesn’t include some stress. For me, that stress was undoubtedly the wedding invitation.

Of course, twelve years ago, the Internet was a fraction of what it is today in terms of content, viewership and functionality…but if only I had the option to select and purchase an online wedding invitation. This would have eliminated hassle, time and stress. Let me explain.

I visited several card and stationary stores before selecting my final wedding invitation. At each store I was ushered to the back of the store to an area filled with massive binders containing wedding invitation sets and left alone to browse. The first thing that struck me was that many of the designs seemed quite old-fashioned and dated. The cost to print and distribute these binders is not insigificant so they clearly don’t get updated too often. But online invitations are another story as they can offer frequently updated designs that are fresh and current.

Flipping through those binders took a long time. Like most brides, I had a wedding invitation style in mind, but the binders didn’t have an index so I had to flip through many pages, inserting bookmarks and spreading books all across the table. This search could have been cut in half online with invitations grouped by style for easier searches.

So I selected my invitation, provided my information, and ordered a sample. Luckily I had pre-printed all relevant data ahead of time and brought it with me. Unluckily,when I received my program sample in the mail the following week I noticed that someone had incorrectly edited one of my bridesmaids’ names. Somehow in the behind-the-scenes ordering process the unusual ‘c’ at the end of her Slavic name was changed to an ‘e’. Real-time online proofs and text customization, as offered online, would have eliminated this unecessary error, hassle and time.

Sure, I was happy with the wedding invitations I sent out for my special day, but when my own daughter gets married I’ll be glad we can go online and not to the mall card store to select and buy our invitations.

LookLoveSend.com offers an amazing and broad collection of wedding stationery designs with the unparalled ease of online ordering.

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