Graduation Announcements Mail Soon: 5 Great Gifts for the Grad

Graduation season looms large for millions of exhausted but excited high school and college seniors across the country. When the graduation party invitations and graduation announcements start arriving, be ready with original and useful gifts.

Consider steering away from traditional showpieces, like a fancy watch or gold-plated ball point pen. Practicality and utility hold great value these days -  things a grad can put to use as soon as the party clears out and friends scatter. Here are 5 practical and useful gift ideas:

  1. Money. Cash is still king. But to keep cold cash from feeling…well…cold, deliver those crisp bills in anengraved money clip or security lockbox.
  2. Gift cards. A favorite store or restaurant are good choices if you know where the grad shops and eats. If not, give a pre-paid gas card.
  3. GPS navigational device. Good brands include TomTom or Garmin.
  4. Shares of stock. Include abook along with the stock certificatebyarespected and readable financial writer like Suzie Orman or Dave Ramsey.Check http://amzn.to/f5j76K for reviews on the latest titles and reviews.
  5. Themed gift basket.Have somefun and package items together with a theme. Stuff a new laundry basket with fresh towels, detergent, fabric softener and a roll of quarters. Fill a giant popcorn bowl with candy, microwave popcorn, and Netflix giftcards. Set up a new toolbox with a hammer, tape measure, picture hangers, and more.

This graduation gift list would not be complete without also mentioning that thank-you cards are a very useful gift for a grad. High quality graduation thank you notes are available at LookLoveSend.com.

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