Intervention for Christmas Card Letter Writers

Will you include a written letter in your Christmas cards this year?

Receiving annual Christmas letters is a tradition my whole family anticipates. But there are those annual letters (and you know the ones) from certain friends and family members which can produce a range of negative reaction, ranging from mild eye rolling to downright side-splitting laughter.

Most of us remember getting at least one or two letters that crossed the line from sharing interesting news to hyperbolic, self-congratulatory lists of kids’ over-scheduled lives. These letters can be off-putting if not outrageous.

Have you heard about the second grader who placed first in the state spelling bee, is an accomplished violinist, will be dancing the lead in the Nutcracker, and explores oils on canvas in her room in her spare time?

There is no trick to writing a good Christmas letter if you follow three simple rules:

Be Natural, Humble and Short!

  1. Be Natural. Put another way, be yourself. Write in the same voice that you speak in. Avoid long-syllable words and adverbs and read your letter out loud to hear how it sounds.
  2. Be Humble. Avoid “Mission Accomplished” statements. Share your good news, but include your desire to hear from others. After all, isn’t your interest in sharing your news all for the sake of continuing friendships?
  3. Be Short. One page is ideal. If you dedicate sections to each family member, including your pets (if you must), it can go longer. Just keep it reader-friendly with a larger font and lots of white space.

Other tips from experts suggest using photos if you have that capability. Include a note at the end of your letter, directly addressed to the recipient. Sign each letter by hand for a personal touch that shows some thoughtfulness.

For an early look at some fresh, exciting Christmas card designs in which to enclose your letter, browse our growing collection at looklovesend.com. We’d love to hear from you, so let us know if you plan to include a letter with your Christmas card this year!

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