Look Out Tchaikovsky, Here Comes The Wedding Invitation Suite

The Nutcracker Suite. The Wedding Invitation Suite. Both “Suites” parade out their acts as a way to organize the pleasures of the evening for their audiences. In the case of the annual holiday ballet favorite, those pleasures are from the perspective of a little girl dressed in white who dreams of candy in foreign lands.

In the case of your wedding, those pleasures take the form of witnessing your marriage vows (the Invitation!), followed by a celebration (the Reception Card!) with dining and dancing (the Place Setting Card!), toasts and gifts (the Thank You Note!). And yes, you are most likely wearing white.

Components of a Complete Wedding Invitation Suite

As featured at LookLoveSend.com, a complete wedding invitation suite contains several pieces of stationery. Each piece is designed to communicate to your guests what to expect at your wedding. For example, when you mail your wedding invitation envelope, it may contain the following components:

  • Invitation to the Wedding Includes the names of bride and groom, date, time and location of the ceremony. Also identifies the host(s), who are traditionally the brides’ parents. There are lots of alternatives to this tradition, though, a topic we’ll blog more about later!
  • Reception Card Recommended for a reception held at a different location from the ceremony. Includes the name of reception facility, location and suggested arrival time.
  • Response Card This essential helps you track who is coming and who has yet to respond. If your reception includes a formal sit-down dinner, you may request guests to make their menu selections on this card as well.
  • Menu Card This card excites guests about the cuisine you will offer at your reception. You may include them for either a buffet or formal sit-down dinner.
  • Directions These are especially important if you have out-of-town guests. Include a visual map as well as written directions that originate from several different points of origin.

What’s Essential vs. Optional

You can order additional stationery pieces from the same design collection, but you don’t have to coordinate everything. A single design theme, however, is a strong way to express the look and feel you want for your special day. Consider your budget, and then decide what’s necessary and what’s not for additional items such as:

Check out The 3 Pieces of Stationery You Really Need, posted on theknot.com, which recommends a bare minimum suite that contains: (1) The Invitation (2) The Response Card and (3) Escort or Place Cards.

Well-designed wedding invitation suites tie together all components by applying a single design concept. Each piece in the suite uses the same colors, type styles and design elements, accordingly with the size, layout and purpose of that piece. To find the right look and feel for your wedding stationery, browse the growing collection at LookLoveSend.com. Subscribe today and receive 20% off your first order with us!


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