Tracking Baby’s ESP

I once received a baby shower invitation with a decorative index card enclosed and a request to provide a piece of baby advice for the soon-to-be mom. Easy for guests who were mothers themselves, but I remember my initial worry and immediate instinct to call my own mother for a tip I could slip in with my shower gift.

But for all the tips that a new mother can read about feeding, changing and caring for baby, it can all become a blur in those early sleep-deprived days of motherhood.

baby shower invitationTherefore, if I received that baby shower invitation today, I would write a single web address on the enclosed index card, www.babyesp.com. Babyesp is a $4.99 Android smartphone app that allows parents and caregivers to track those most important activities of when and how much a baby eats, sleeps and poops. Disclaimer: I haven’t used this app myself, but its features sound ideal for any first-time mom, second-time dad, parents of multiples…you get the idea. Some highlights of the app:

  • Data can be synched between devices so multiple caregivers can easily and quickly share info.
  • Baby’s habits and trends can be easily tracked with charts and statistics.
  • Input is as simple as pressing a cellphone button, easy and can be done with one hand while the other holds baby.
  • Multiple babies can be tracked at once.
  • Alerts can be setup as reminders for upcoming medication doses and naptimes.
  • Baby’s data can be saved to an excel file then easily printed to take along to your baby’s next pediatrician’s appointment.

Babyapp may not be for everyone, but I’m betting that it would ease many parents’ concerns and answer some of the age-old questions of “when did she last eat?”, and “how long did he nap?” ┬áIf you know someone who’s expecting, suggest she checkout the free 7-day trial for babyesp. If you’re hosting her baby shower, checkout the cute baby shower invitations available at LookLoveSend.com.

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