Unisex Birth Announcement Cards

Name. Color. Graphics. These are the most visible clues on birth announcement cards that indicate boy baby or girl baby. Of course this matters only in the rare instance you hadn’t heard already!

The rising popularity of gender-neutral names and modern birth announcement designs mean your baby’s birth announcement card could raise more questions than it answers. Have some fun if you want to keep the recipients of your baby’s birth announcement cards guessing.

How to Keep Birth Announcement Cards Gender Neutral

If you prefer not to impose presumptuous gender-identity characteristics on your newborn, follow this formula when you’re shopping for your custom birth announcements:

Choose a popular 2012 unisex name.

Choose one in the Top 3, or, for the sake of less confusion later on in school, go for a less popular one from among the Bottom 3:

Unisex Baby Names 2012
1. Harper 1. Cameron
2. Quinn 2. Teagan
3. Rowan 3. River

Think beyond pink and blue.

Not all birth announcement cards are designed using traditional color choices. Try something in a stylish yet gender-neutral color palette like the two choices below:


Little Sweetie


Simple & Sweet


Forgo stereotypical icons or characters.

Things that move (airplanes, trains, rockets) seem more associated with boys, while the sweeter things found in nature (butterflies, flowers, ladybugs) tend to be for girls. But certain critter cards could suit either boy or girl, like the two options below:




Animal Portraits

On the plus side, this strategy could prompt a call or two from someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. On the other hand, you might not want to consider this approach if you don’t want any confusion when it comes to a baby gift.

Whatever your particular taste and style, you’ll find a growing collection of high quality, highly original birth announcement cards at www.LookLoveSend.com. Whether baby’s arrival is still months away or you are feeling a bit behind ordering your announcements, you will be sure to find a stylish, unique design perfect for you.  Most birth announcement cards also have coordinating baby thank you cards for responding to all the gifts you will receive for baby. All personalized baby stationery is printed on the highest quality paper, and orders ship the next business day!



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