When to Send New Year’s Cards

New-years-cardsThere’s no doubt this time of the year can at times be stressful for many of us. With less than one week to go before Christmas Eve, time is certainly running short.  The top reasons people cite for getting behind with either their holiday cards or gift shopping tends to be one or all of the following:

  • Can’t ignore the day job, obviously.
  • Our kids become increasingly involved in more activities this time of year.
  • Some years the energy and enthusiasm for decorating and wrapping gifts is stronger than other years.
  • Family obligations and needs require more attention some years compared to others.

What to Do if You Miss the Christmas Mail Date

Even with the best of intentions, there will be years we can’t get our personalized holiday cards out on time. Maybe it’s because we didn’t get that perfect holiday photo. So what is that cut-off date and when should we admit it’s to late to send them out? We have two options:

  1. If you can get them post-marked by no later than the 24th, go for that “grace period.” Many on your holiday card list will be away and traveling and fully expect to receive the full bevy of holiday cards upon returning home.
  2. Consider sending out New Year’s cards. New Year’s cards are still a perfectly acceptable place to include:
  • An annual family letter updating what’s happened the previous year.
  • Pictures of the family or a special occasion.
  • Gift cards for those extra special friends or family who you do not get to celebrate with.

I have noticed an increase in the New Year’s holiday greeting cards I receive. Many of these cards come from friends or family who do a lot of traveling themselves during the holidays, and have made a conscious decision to distinguish their card by making one celebrating the new year. Some of these cards don’t even arrive until well into the first or second week of January.

New Year’s cards available at LookLoveSend.com can be personalized just like holiday photo cards. Choose from a variety of designs for your personal photos and text, and choose from flat or folded cards. When you order 50 or more domestic ground shipping is free.

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