Whether Sending or Receiving Party Invitations, Line Up the Sitter

party-invitationWhat do you pay YOUR babysitter? The going rate for a good babysitter is a common topic of discussion among parents these days. The funny money from the kitchen jar just doesn’t seem to cover it anymore.

Hourly rates are approaching those of full-time salaried nannies in some regions. This makes babysitting a serious budget item for many households, a trend affecting how you’ll respond to a party invitation, planning your own parties and the frequency of date nights.

So it’s best to know how to determine a competitive babysitting rate in your area. After all, you want to keep the good ones calling (or at least texting) you back!

Asking other parents is certainly a start. But their answers are specific to their situation and their sitters. If you want a more market-based approach, or are just starting out with a new baby, or are new to an area, try Care.com’s easy-to-use babysitter’s pay rate calculator to obtain a basic pay rate. This simple tool just asks for your zip code, the number of children and the years of experience you are looking for. Here’s why these factors matter:

  • Location. Depending on what region in the country you live is as important as whether you dwell in or around a big city. Rates will be higher for major metropolitan areas and on the coasts.
  • Number of children. The obvious difference in care of one child versus three changes pay rates.
  • Experience. The more years of experience your babysitter has, the higher the rate. Actual years may not be as important as long a sitter whose passed a babysitting course and who interviews well.

Other factors can cause a savvy parent to adjust the basic pay rate accordingly:

  • Transportation costs. If your babysitter has a longer commute, consider either a mileage stipend or paying for the extra time.
  • Requesting additional duties. Beyond the childcare-related duties like preparing snacks or cleaning up afterwards, extra household chores like laundry should earn a sitter extra.
  • Children’s ages. This is a bit of a grey area, but it’s important to acknowledge the difference in caring for a demanding infant and a self-sufficient 8 year old. Similarly, if you have a collection of kids who range in ages, you need to compensate a good sitter for being versatile, attentive and energetic.

Also communicate your needs and expectations clearly at the outset. Avoid misunderstanding that could lead to dissatisfaction on either side, or worse for you, a babysitter who won’t likely accept the job again!

Armed with this information, you can now get back to party planning. Find your style of party invitations on LookLoveSend.com, where you can also expect superior quality printing on premium papers.

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