10 Modern Gifts for the Traditional Baby Shower

Has it been a while since you’ve received a baby shower invitation, or are you a regular these days? Are you expecting and on the hunt to register for interesting, updated baby products?

Browsing from a variety of Internet lists, and with guidance from FitPregnancy.com’s Buyer’s Guide, plus some of our own personal experiences, we’ve assembled a list of some tried-and-true gift ideas for the modern mom:

  1. Boppy. The premier infant feeding and support pillow has been at the top of registries for over a decade now. Washable covers come in more colors and textures than ever before, so be sure to include an extra cover.
  2. Space-saving and/or wooden, mod-style highchairs. Say goodbye to bulky white plastic. Check out some of latest in Scandanavian design, like Skokke and Svan.
  3. Diaper Dekor. For styling, space and scent control, Dekor has it over Genie, hands down.
  4. Cloth diapers. Most are very bulky and require extra laundering effort. But a new hybrid, gDiapers, proclaims to be a money and earth saver. Starter packs come with several brightly colored “gPants” and dozens of cloth inserts.
  5. Bumbo. This is the chair that gets babies as young as 4 months to sit up. Finally, you can take pictures without your little one looking like a tipped-over slug.
  6. Baby slings. Many moms are embracing the heart-to-heart closeness that soothes baby and keeps moms’ hands free. Think beyond the more highly constructed baby carrier by Baby Bjorn, and check out Born Free Moby Wrap or Kangaroo Korners.
  7. Folding bassinet The ability to stow-away and move this bassinet around the house is a big plus. The canopy adds to a timeless yet stylish appeal.
  8. Snoogle. This specially designed body pillow is a good gift for a mom with some pregnancy time left. The name may not replace other terms of endearment bestowed on such a third person-like presence in the bed, but the support and comfort will kick other pillows to the carpet.
  9. Baby Bjorn Soft Bib. The curved-lip at the bottom catches all and the bib wipes clean in a snap. One is all you need!
  10. Bouncer seats. A classic gift, but the design, styling and features have changed dramatically in recent years. Get a new look at the latest products by names like Combi and Baby Einstein.

Now if you’re hosting the shower and in need of fresh, original baby shower invitations, check out the variety of designs from LookLoveSend.com. Invitations range in styles from classic to modern, and can be ordered with coordinating baby thank you notes–also a great shower gift. Join our email list and receive 20% off your first order.

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