A Beautiful Way to Remember your Wedding Guests

How best to remember the guests who share your special day with you? Wedding albums usually focus on the bridal party, video footage generally captures the most traditional ceremony moments, but years later it may be more difficult to recall all the other family members, friends and colleagues in attendance. While the traditional wedding guestbook is a great keepsake, another wonderful option is to have your guests create a commemorative art piece that can be displayed in your home for years to come.

But be warned, give your guests too much free space and a pen and you may regret it. For my own wedding I decided to mount one of my wedding invitations and ask guests to inscribe a message in the broad mat border. That was a mistake. A few guests messily crossed out words and one particular congratulatory note (from a family member’s girlfriend at the time) was roll-your-eyes-bad and not something I particularly wanted displayed on my wall. So the inscribed wedding invitation did not get frame and I’m left with my Excel spreadsheet of invitees as the only way of remembering every person who came to share our special day.

wedding invitationsInstead, we love this thumbprint wedding tree painting as a unique and beautiful way to get tasteful artwork created by your wedding guests. Etsy features this handpainted tree on a high quality canvas accompanied by differently colored ink pads ready for guest thumbprints. The tree can accommodate 125-175 guests and can be further customized with initials carved into the tree, names and wedding date printed below the tree, or two love birds painted on a branch. And if you want to specifically remember the names of your guests, provide a small leaf-shaped stamp and allow guests to inscribe their names within each leaf with a fine point pen.

The thumbprint wedding tree is a great way to capture the memory of your wedding guests. Select inkpad colors to coordinate with your wedding invitations or flowers to further remember your special day. If your wedding is scheduled for 2012, enterthe LookLoveSendsweepstakes for the chance to win a complete wedding invitation suite valued up to $1500.

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