A Perfect Baby Gift for Mom

Get a baby shower invitation….lookup mom-to-be’s registry online. Visit mom and newborn in the hospital…stop by the flower shop to pickup a bouquet on the way over. This is probably what most of us do and – don’t get me wrong; there is absolutely nothing wrong with this tradition of generosity. But after having my firstborn I remember my mom bringing me the most unexpected and welcome gift…a selection of comfort items JUST FOR ME.

I think it’s a truly great idea to put together a small gift bag of relatively inexpensive but highly appreciated items for any new mother. Just think of yourself sitting in that hospital bed and imagine what you would like. Some ideas:

  • baby birth announcementsComfy stretchy pants to pull on and wear-to-death for the next few weeks. Let’s face it, no new mother leaves the hospital wearing her pre-pregnancy jeans, but it really is a bummer to have to pull out those maternity pants again. Those maternity waistbands are something best left far behind and many pregnant women choose to invest in a minimal maternity wardrobe and may have worn the same two pairs of pants for the past 5 months!
  • A good deep conditioner. Pregnancy and post-pregnancy hormones can wreak havoc on hair, yet grabbing bath and body items from the supermarket aisle may be the best that a new mother can hope for. Buy her a good conditioner and she should be able to find 5 minutes to lather and enjoy.
  • baby birth announcementsUnscented body lotion to pamper mom. Doctors advise against new parents wearing strongly-scented soaps and lotions, especially during those initial days that a baby bonds and learns the scent of mom and dad. Many natural and unscented body lotions are available at a reasonable price at your local drugstore.
  • A gourmet food treat for mom (and dad). Food treats are especially appreciated during the first days of limited hospital food options and no refrigerator to raid.

It’s guaranteed that a new mother will receive numerous cute baby outfits and beautiful flowers in those first joyful days. But bring a gift of comfort and it’s sure to be the gesture she remembers most.

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