A Photo Birth Announcement to Lift the Post-partum Fog

After bringing a newborn baby into the world, even those of us who are moms for the second, third (or more) time can have a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If birth announcement cards told the whole honest story, underneath the cute baby photo the card would read, “With love, joy and tear-soaked exhaustion.”


The fog characterizing those early newborn weeks is difficult to peer through–days and nights blend, days of the week matter little, and weekends have no real significance. So it’s helpful for new moms and those that care for them to remember ways to shine some light through that fog.

Say YES to Help

If a neighbor, friend or family member offers to cook you a meal, do some grocery shopping, clean, babysit, etc., say yes! A lot of the time people want to help but aren’t sure how. So suggest something small to start off, like an hour holding the baby so you can get to something else, like a nap.

ASK for Help

Follow up on those offers of help and be specific. If you know how a friend spends her time, tailor your request for help to something they can offer. For example, don’t ask your friend with a nine-to-five job to help clean or babysit, but instead to stop at the store for you. Similarly, a stay-at-home mom friend whose kids are in school  might love to come hold the baby so you can get out of the house.

Exercise…for your Mind

We aren’t talking about P90X or Insanity or any other fad fitness program. Fresh air and blood circulation is as good for your head as it is for your body. If it’s wintertime, invest in something even as simple as a yoga mat to inspire you to stretch your muscles. A treadmill is great if you have the budget, but anything overly ambitious like a gym membership probably isn’t realistic. C-section moms may have to wait a little longer, but the more you can get up, around and out the better you will feel.

Take Photos

Finally, get some pictures of your precious new baby, upload them to print and order, and try one on a beautiful birth announcement card. Seeing the face of that precious little being on paper will help you get some perspective. You’ll be able to take a step back, admire your baby as a beautiful being, and see it all from the outside in…for a moment before he begins crying anyway.

Order Beautiful, Custom Photo Birth Announcements

To order custom, photo birth announcements, shop the beautiful collection available online at www.looklovesend.com. Have fun with the site’s easy customization tools; simply upload your favorite photo, write your text, and choose between high gloss photo paper or smooth matte for a high quality look. Orders ship the next business day and domestic ground shipping is free if you order 5o cards or more!

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