Before the Baby Shower: Gender Reveal Parties

Gender reveal what? As seen on Good Morning America recently, gender reveal parties are one new way expecting parents are sharing the discovery of their baby’s gender–for the first time–with their closest friends and family.

As seen in this clip from a recent episode of GMA, couples plan a party where the main event pivots on the cutting of the cake:

What many expecting parents believe is best kept as an element of surprise, others delight in celebrating in a big way as soon as their doctor hands them a sealed envelope. Once the envelope is delivered to the baker, the baker colors the inside of the cake blue for a boy, or pink for a girl.

The joy of receiving this news as family and friends stand by is genuine. It also helps resolve any pecking order issues around who, other than the couple, gets to hear the news first. But beware of the authenticity of expecting parents’ initial reactions, bared for all witnesses to see. One drawback could be a parent less than pleased about the baby’s gender. Most parents truly revel in either gender once they know. And let’s not also forget doctors with notoriously poor handwriting. Or a devious baker with a sense of dark humor (an innocent mistake to get the wrong color?)

If you decide to have a gender reveal party, some party planning is in order. Aside from finding a baker and ordering the cake, sending out invitations make a statement about the importance to you of sharing the discovery of baby’s gender with family and friends.

While not quite a baby shower, gender neutral baby shower invitations are a great starting point for invitations. LookLoveSend.com has a large collection of many different designs for such an occasion. You can customize the wording for however you want to describe the party. Join our email list and receive 20% off your first order.


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