Birthday Party Invitations are Just the Start

Birthday party season runs all year, but it does seem that spring and summer bring on an extra dose of kids birthday party fun. Whether birth statistics can shed light on a ramping up of the season, or whether better weather simply inspires more parties is up for debate.

If one of your children has a birthday on the horizon, no doubt you are figuring out how to juggle end of year activities and celebrations with a long stretch of summer camps and vacation plans. What are the unique challenges of throwing a summertime birthday for your kid?

Start With a Fabulous and Fun Party Invitation. There is nothing better to break up the doldrums of summer boredom for some than an cheerful, colorful party invitation. A quality printed invitation lends much greater prominance and personalization to your party event than an evite sent through email. Start by checking out the growing selection of birthday party invitations at LookLoveSend.com, where fresh and exciting designs can inspire your next event.

Summertime can dampen attendance. Once school is out, those summertime birthday kids can get the short end of the stick. Not only do they miss out on recognition at school by their teacher and classmates, but summer brings family vacations and camps into conflict with your child’s special day. Solution: Hang onto those class lists so you can keep in touch with special classmates your child will want to invite. If the party is within a few weeks from the last day of school, make a point to get your invitation out before school ends. This gives parents something to look forward to for their kids.

Heat and safety are concerns at outdoor parties. Hydration and extra adult supervision are really the only solutions here. Prepare with extra bottles of water and recruit friends or family to actively keep watch over the fun.

Stay organized–even if your school calendar is in the drawer. For starters, get organized. One of the best companies out there organizing busy moms is momagenda.com, and even if midyear isn’t a good time to splurge on one of their thoughtfully laid out desktop organizers, their free printables such as this birthday party checklist are a sure way to stay on top of your birthday party planning details.

So if your child was a June, July or August baby, start planning now so you don’t get left out in the sun! LookLoveSend is continuously adding new party invitation designs. Subscribeto our mailing list to receive 20% off your first order.

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