Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette Hints

bridal shower invitationsAre you hosting a bridal shower and wondering about the do’s and don’ts in bridal shower invitation etiquette? After scanning dozens more articles than showers I will ever attend, I’ve compiled a list of top hints on the subject. Hope it helps!

The most important data elements to include on a bridal shower invitation are of course the date, time, location, and any special instructions such as a bridal shower theme or specific planned activity. As many guests will likely have a GPS or access to online directions, including driving directions is not as critical as in the past. But if you do not include them be sure to include the exact street address of the chosen shower location.

Who to invite? As highlighted in a recent blog, couples bridal showers are becoming quite popular. But for a traditional female-only bridal shower, you do not need to invite every female wedding guest to the bridal shower. Guests usually include relatives and close friends of the bride and groom, and occasionally close work colleagues. All shower invitees should also be invited to the wedding. If there is someone close to the bride who you know won’t be able to attend, do still send her an invitation- a close friend will see this as a welcome gesture rather than a solicitation for gifts!

OK to include registry details? Let’s face it; the point of a bridal shower is to shower the bride with gifts to start her married life. To that end, it is perfectly appropriate to include the bride’s registry information on the invitation. I researched this point quite a bit and while a few sources preferred not to include this info, the majority agreed it was perfectly appropriate (but NOT on the wedding invitation).

When to send? Send invitations between four and six weeks before the event, particularly if it’s during those busy summer months. If multiple people are hosting the shower, ask guests to RSVP to a single person for easier attendance tracking.

And finally, remember to reserve an invitation for the bride herself, it will be a great keepsake for her wedding album!

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