From Naps to Birth Announcements: Enjoy Pregnancy Preparedness

Pick up any parenting, pregnancy or women’s health magazine, catch a morning show, scan the Internet, and you’ll get your fill of pregnancy to-do checklists. Modern-day “experts” bombard expecting moms with plenty of advice about preparedness for what arguably could be the “oldest profession in the world”… Motherhood.

Pregnancy can be a serious business for many of us. The standard battery of tests alerts us to unforeseen conditions. Encouragement about exercise is a giant leap from the Victorian notion of “taking to bed”. And an increasingly sophisticated understanding of nutrition helps deliver healthier babies to healthier moms.

But pregnancy also gives us, ahem, ample room for a less serious set of plans. Dare we call it…”9 ways to enjoy pregnancy”? After all, how many times in life do you get so much unsolicited attention and concern from perfect strangers?

So toss aside Your Pregnancy Month by Month and check out a lighter version of the ubiquitous “9-month checklist.”


Official To-Do

Fun, Enjoyable To-Do

  • Start prenatal vitamins.
  • Nap a lot.
  • First OB/Gyn check-up.
  • Mani-pedi afterward.
  • Screenings for PAPP-A, hCG & other blood tests.
  • Splurge on one last fabulous item that still fits.
  • More screenings (for some scary stuff) and Childbirth Ed.
  • Register online with baby product companies (coupons and deals).
  • Big Ultrasound—to know or not to know?
  • Start baby registry. Get another pedi before you lose sight of your feet.
  • Gestational diabetes test and hospital tour.
  • 2-day clearance to digest extremely large sundae beforehand. Pass the test, order another!
  • Find 5-star restaurant and reserve intimate table for two.
  • Group B strep screening.
  • Ladies lunch-dates and handbag shopping (nothing else fits!)
  • Pack hospital bag.
  • Pack new designer handbag (or fabulous knock-off).

We would be remiss if we did not also mention one more fun post-pregnancy “to-do”: choosing your birth announcements. Like pregnancy checklists, there is an amazing array of announcements available online. Make sure yours is a designer original, printed on premium paper to applaud your 9-month effort!

LookLoveSend.com has an exciting selection of fresh, whimsical designs you can personalize with your baby’s photo. You can also coordinate many of their beautiful designs with baby thank you notes for the gifts you will receive. Subscribe today to receive 20% off your first order.

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