Celebrity Wedding Announcements

Celebrity Wedding Announcements

Hollywood has been rife with high profile break-ups lately, and while this is not unusual, our wedding experts recently came up with some better-suited matches. Which of these imaginary couples do you think could last from engagement announcement to wedding invitation?

  1. Hermione Granger & Ron Weasley With the wave of their wands, these wizards-in-training would have Harry Potter serve as best man. Keep an eye out for lurking, uninvited guests from the Defense Against the Dark Arts.
  2. Paula Abdul & Simon Cowell Sparks would fly if these two former American Idol judges lit up the altar. Stay tuned to see if something more than words are exchanged.
  3. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez How long could these two baby-faced singing, dancing and Tweeting sensations keep news of their engagement off of Facebook?  Pass the note to the kid next to you, and then check Twitter.
  4. The Situation & The Situation Jersey Shore reality TV star is so busy seeking immortality through rock-hard abs his best bet for lasting love is, well, himself. Bring your six-pack to the ceremony.
  5. Lady Gaga & Johnny Depp The Queen and King of Originality—or is it Oddness?—join forces against the Mainstream and the Conventional. Worth watching for the make-up, costumes, and props.

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