Christmas Greeting Cards that Double as Baby Announcements

December may not be the busiest birth month of the year, but if you’re expecting a new baby into your family nativity this holiday season, you might be adding some information onto your usual Christmas greeting cards for friends and families.


You can shortcut the formal photo birth announcement and go for Christmas greeting cards that showcase your newest member as part of the family, like the custom photo Christmas card design above. More than a money saver, it’s always a winner to share this joyful news wtih everyone on your holiday card list.

But consider a few things before deciding to combine the two mailings into one. Here are 3 reasons you might plan a separate birth announcement:

  • Don’t set up the combined Christmas/birthday event so early. Every kid born with a December birthday laments that the biggest Christian holiday of the year inevitably eclipses their own personal celebration. Get things off on the right foot by not blending the two events with the first formal announcement you make.
  • Birth announcements are valuable keepsakes.photo-christmas-cards You’ll want to have an extra copy for the baby book. It’s also likely that your December baby will appreciate that the announcement welcoming them into the family was a stand-alone event, not coupled with the annual holiday greeting tradition.
  • Newborns are lousy portrait sitters. You’ll either need to lie them down like in this cute card (right), or they will their own close-up, and the family sitting won’t give them that. You can get easily solve this issue by choosing a holiday card design with multiple image spaces that display baby’s own close-up and another space for the entire family.

Whichever way you decide to go, you will find a wide selection of Christmas cards at www.looklovesend.com with layouts that will display both your baby close-up and a family’s photo. Many designs will also accommodate the extra space needed to include baby’s birth announcement information if you do decide to let your Christmas greeting card double as a birth announcement.

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