Flags, Fireworks and Lemonade

Happy 4th from the team at LookLoveSend. Perhaps you received a party invitation for a cookout today, maybe you watched a parade, saw fireworks, or tasted American classics such as hot dogs, apple pie and lemonade.

summer party invitationsToday my 8-year old son made $5 working his first lemonade stand with four friends – talk about a stereotypical American childhood tradition for July 4th! The afternoon was successful all around. Cash earnings aside, it kept the boys busy for almost four hours, and a lemonade stand actually has some valuable (but hidden) lessons to offer. For parents needing a summertime activity with true benefits, I highly recommend a lemonade stand. Read on.

Interacting with adults: talking with adult customers and making eye contact does not come easy for all kids. Practicing in the fun and stress-free environment of the summertime neighborhood is perfect place to work on these important skills.

Math skills: totaling sales, making change, dividing profits at the end. Who knew that 2nd grade math would be so handy?

Organization and Teamwork: I watched as the boys coordinated and divided tasks so that one boy made lemonade, another provided a cooler and ice, and another made their sign. Impressive project management and their stand was open for business in less than 10 minutes!

Creative Thinking: during a lull in business, the boys discussed moving to a busier location, spreading the word about their lemonade stand, and offering a cheaper smaller size option!

summer party invitationsThe lemonade sellers did a little bit of everything today – customer service, math, project management and marketing. The excited boys are already discussing their next sale – this time looking to add baked goods as an extra draw. Guess who’s baking brownies tomorrow?

Do you know any other kids’ activities that provide summer fun while teaching at the same time? If you have recommendations, please comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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