Formalize Your Baby’s Name in a Beautiful Birth Announcement

Jacob or Jayden. Sophia or Isabella. William or Michael. Naming a new baby can a pressure cooker for new parents. But naming a baby can also be one of the more enjoyable decisions expecting parents make together. So how do some parents decide on a name, and, when it comes down to it, what’s in a name?

Some couples play the name game easily. They may have a name ready because tradition dictates a family name be carried into the next generation. Or, some quickly settle on a name based on a special place, a family member or friend, or some other mutually meaningful symbol they want to honor.

For other couples, the process is more laborious. After brainstorming separately at first, they then share their lists later to find commonality. This approach works great to narrow down long lists, or to identify attributes you both agree on.

Most couples at least start with a discussion about a name’s traditional appeal, popularity, unusualness or associations, such as with a celebrity (whose fortunes can and often do change!) That’s a lot to think about!

Whichever way you find a baby name, here are two robust websites to help you search and track your baby name ideas:

Baby Name Finder on thebump.com This very easy-to-use name tracking tool has:

  • A ratings feature that allows you to “favorite” a name
  • A tab for you to save names you like and build a personalized list
  • The option to share your list with others
  • Search criteria for names by origin, meaning, overall popularity, and ratings by thebump.com community
  • A display of additional name results similar to your search result
  • Top baby names of the decade

Nickelodeon’s parentsconnect.com This site’s super-powerful search tool is especially useful for finding unique names. The Advanced Search tool lets you:

  • Combine highly detailed criteria to narrow your search. It allows you to specify a name length by the number of syllables and/or characters.
  • Eliminate names from your search that:
    • Begin or end with certain letters
    • Have no origin or meaning

One final consideration for choosing a name is in the beauty of the name when written. As discussed previously, among the merits of sending out birth announcements is as a way to formalize your baby’s chosen name on paper, beautifully printed.

At LookLoveSend.com, our fresh, exciting collection of birth announcements may inspire even greater love of a name you have in mind. Try one out by previewing it on one of our beautifully designed baby announcements. Subscribe today and receive 20% off your first order with us when you are ready.

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