Fun Photo Ideas for Your Personalized Holiday Cards

The holiday season is one of the few times that some of us ever sit down to catch up with the people in our lives.  Whether it’s over a special meal or during a cookie exchange, the holidays seem ready-made for reconnecting.

But what do you do if you’re short on time or know that you won’t be able to arrange a holiday gathering with one of your favorite people? It may not be possible to have that face-to-face connection that we long for – but that doesn’t mean that we have to abandon the personal touch altogether.  With a little careful planning, a Christmas photo card can go a long way towards showing loved ones what is going on in our lives – and it’s not hard to do.

So just what will make the perfect card?  There are hundreds of fun and clever ideas out there, especially here on LookLoveSend, but the most important component is making it unique to you. Resist the urge to jump right to the design phase.  Instead, take stock of just what went on during the past year of your life.  Did you get married? Have a baby? Buy a house? Move? Think through the top three events of your year and what they meant to you and your family.  Reflect on what it is that has characterized the past 12 months for you.

Next, dig into your family’s stockpile of digital photos.  Look for pictures that hail from the big goings-on of the past year and find the cream of the crop.  You could also pull out photos that capture the spirit that you’re trying to convey in your Christmas photo card.  Landscapes, nature-shots and even still-lifes can be both meaningful and beautiful.  If you can’t find any photos that fit the bill, consider taking a few new shots.  Kids and pets are easily bribed with a well-timed holiday cookie.

Three Secret Elves by designer Suzanne Cahill                                                     

4 Photo Christmas Characters card
Christmas Characters by designer Suling Wang

Now you’re ready to get creative.  There’s an almost endless array of options for you to choose from, so look for those that reflect your personality and the message you’d like to send to friends and family.  Maybe you want to celebrate the zany life you lead with a house full of kids – designs like “Three Secret Elves” or  “Christmas Characters“ may be just what you need.

If a more contemplative card is what you’re looking for, select designs featuring quieter colors and more traditional styling.  “Peace Love & Joy” is a beautiful but understated card that reflects a more reserved, but still elegant holiday message.

Peace Love Joy Christmas Card

Peace Love Joy by designer Jana Stone

Maybe this year has just been more difficult than you’d like to admit.  If that’s the case, why not just focus on fun for your Christmas photo card?  Use pictures of the pets instead of the kids for a change.  Find the most outrageous holiday sweaters you can, dress everyone up and pose around the tree.  Wrap Grandma in twinkle lights and snap away.

No matter what direction you decide to take, make sure that your Christmas photo cards convey a message that is wholly your own.  With a little bit of introspection and some creativity, your cards can bridge the gap between you and your loved ones, no matter how far away they may be. 

It’s not too late to order Christmas photo cards, orders placed before 2pm EST on a weekday will ship the next business day.  Quantities over 50 ship for free!

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