No Photo Yet? Beautiful Non-Photo Holiday Cards

Do you spend the fall fantasizing about the perfect holiday photo card to send this year? Do you find yourself thinking, “this year, I’m going to send my cards weeks ahead of time!” Personally, I envision some kind of clever picture, one that is unique and completely stands out from all those other run-of-the-mill photo card senders. Then I begin to mentally compose a holiday newsletter…nothing boastful, just enough detail to keep people interested in what I have been up in my life.

The Fantasy of the Perfect Photo

Many of us engaged in the world of fantasy holiday cards imagine quirky pictures of the dog and kids dressed up in matching hat and scarf sets with piles of colorful autumn leaves in the background.  Or, a portrait-perfect collage of the family sitting on an enviable sand beach dressed in white linen. But most of us never really get it together in time, or just can’t get that perfectly staged snapshot to make the photo card a reality.


Peace Mandala by Susan Cahill

Art and Messaging Still Matter

As we near mid-December, if your photo isn’t quite what you want, there’s time to reconsider. Maybe it’s time to cut your losses and find non-photo holiday cards to send to the you love. For all my own plans to have the most interesting or unique photo for my holiday cards, I enjoy selecting cards with art and greetings that fit how I am feeling at that particular year’s end. I keep an extra each year, and as I unpack the decorations, I see my collection of beautiful holiday cards from seasons past. Just as a song or smell can take you back in time, these holiday card messages tell a story of where I was in my life at that time, and what I felt was important to express to my friends and family.

Beauty in Non-Photo Cards

In this high-tech digital era, perhaps it’s more unique to leave out the photo, and rely solely on beautiful design and messaging. Some of these cards are personal favorites that are good enough to frame, or to reuse as gift tags.  In the old days, my mom always saved and reused so many cards that I still receive gifts from her with a ‘card gift tag’ that has my name written on it from years past.

Do yourself a favor–save an inordinate amount of time browsing the Internet and go straight to highly original, quality designs of non-photo holiday cards on www.looklovesend.com. Whether your taste and style is more formal and classic, modern and edgy, or whimsical and humorous, you will find a beautiful selection of non-photo holiday cards to personalize as flat or folded cards, with coordinating back designs, lined envelopes and printed on premium papers. Enjoy free shipping when you order 50 or more cards.

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