Happy Mother’s (or others) Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms from the team at LookLoveSend. Whether you were surprised with breakfast in bed, treated to a restaurant brunch, or just given precious time to sleep in and relax, we hope your day is truly great.

68% of people will call their mother today, totaling 122.5 million phone calls. Similarly, 50% of households give Mother’s Day cards, which is approximately 152 million cards and a considerable volume spike for the U.S. Postal Service this past week.

But when I was buying a card for my own mother last week (as yes, I confess picking up a “from your son” card for my mother-in-law too!) I noticed a significant number of “like a mother” cards and cards wishing friends and sisters a special day. Is this a growing trend to recognize other women today who are special but not necessarily your own mother? I’d like to think so.

So for mothers with young children who still like to color and make crafts, why not take some time today to recognize a friendly neighbor who may not have any children of her own, or a friend whose children are fully grown? Below are two kids’ craft ideas courtesy of www.kaboose.com that are quick, inexpensive and simple to make.

Required: recycled glass jar, paint, kid fingerprints

Optional: hand-picked flowers (or see flower craft below)




special occasion stationeryRequired: tissue paper, pipecleaners

Optional: recycled jar (or see flower vase craft above)



Each craft should take minutes to complete but will bring immeasurable delight to its unexpecting recipient. Did you celebrate a special woman who is not your mother today? Please comment to let us know if you did, we’d love to hear from you.

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