Introducing the Groomzilla

About the flowers: “I asked for yellow and white tulips, and they gave me funeral flowers.”

About the menu: “I was horrified – all the food was brown.”

wedding invitationsBelieve it or not, these words were spoken by a 38-year-old groom while relaying his wedding planning experiences for the marie claire article “Rise of the Groomzilla” [May 18, 2011. Sara Clemence]. Sure, there will always be 100 bridezillas for every one groomzilla, but I’m wondering how many brides out there are taking a backseat in the planning of their nuptials. Anyone out there know a groomzilla?

The witty marie claire article shares some very entertaining Can-This-Really-Be-True stories. My favorites below.

    • The groom who led his fiance dress shopping all over Chicago. At each fitting, he made their wedding coordinator wear a tuxedo jacket and stand next to his fiance so he could envision the photos. After not finding a gown he liked, he flew everyone toNew York City to search for dresses there.
    • The groom who pitched a fit and stormed cursing out of the Four Seasons reception site one hour before his wedding because the flowers weren’t grand enough.
    • The groom who attended six wedding expos in search of the perfect arrangements. He freely admits “wedding planning has evoked my inner girl; I used to cut my hair at Walmart, now I have my own stylist. And I may get a manicure with clear polish for the wedding.”

wedding invitations

    The conditions for a groomzilla to erupt are ripe; men are getting married at a later age, are likely to be more financially secure and have developed their own tastes and opinions. Moreover, over 50% of married couples are funding their own weddings these days – and when the groom writes the checks it’s quite possible that he has a stronger interest in where the money is going!

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