Kid’s Birthday Party Invitation? Bring a Bathing Suit

kids party invitationsIt can be a challenge to keep kids entertained in the extreme summer heat. With much of the country currently experiencing record temps, chances are your kids are wilting around lunchtime, begging for air-conditioning or a pool. Imagine on top of it all – that you’ve already sent out birthday party invitations and are expecting 10 – 20 of your child’s friends during those peak summer hours. And it’s not a pool party….

Fortunately, there are dozens of great water-based kid’s games that can save your birthday party, or be a welcome addition for any summer get-together with kids. Below are some simple favorites:

    • Water balloon battles: the upside is that almost all kids over the age of 4 love water balloons, the downside is that these colorful little water bombs take forever to inflate and tie. My recommendation is to steer clear of pre-filling water balloons but allow a hose and balloons for older kids to fill their own.
    • Ice ball surprise: This one is great for toddlers. Fill balloons (regular sturdy ones, not the thin water balloon type) with an assortment of small toys, plastic jewelry, etc., fill the balloon with water, knot and freeze overnight. When frozen, cut away the balloon and allow the kids to roll their frozen ice ball in a kiddie pool to melt and reveal their hidden prize. Of course, safety and adult supervision are critical for this as well as all water-based games.
    • Duck, Duck, Dunk:  Think “Duck, Duck, Goose” with the kids sitting in a circle, but the child who is “It” having a small cup of water that she tips over another child’s head when she is tagged to race around the circle.
    • Water gun battle: another popular choice for the 7+ year old set – especially if the kids divide into teams and have fun places to hide. Use two kiddie pools so each team has its own filling station. Each child’s water gun could then double as his party favor.
    • Raindrop Relay Race: Divide the kids into 2 lines sitting down. Place a bucket of water behind the last kid in line and an empty bucket in front of the first kid in line. Give each team a plastic baggie that has been poked with pinholes. At the word “Go!” the first kids takes the baggie to the bucket at the end of the line, fills and carries it to the front bucket. But…he must carry it over the heads of his teammates, sprinkling them on the way. First team to fill the front bucket wins.

birthday party invitations

          Always be sure to have lots of beverages and cool treats on-hand to keep kids hydrated, and consult some other tips for

outdoor party safety

          .  And if your 

birthday party invitation 

        didn’t specify to bring a bathing suit, call parents to tell them – everyone will be glad you did!

And if you haven’t yet sent out your summertime birthday party invitations, checkout the growing collection at LookLoveSend.com.

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