Preparing for the Tween Sleepover Party

As folks in the Northeast can attest, the outdoor summer birthday party has officially moved indoors.  One of the most beloved children’s birthday parties, particularly during the colder months, is the slumber party.  We’ve highlighted tips for slumber party readiness, but the first slumber party of an eight-year old boy is quite different from that of a tween girl and her BFFs. 

tween slumber party invitationsActivities for the tween girl sleepover party do not need to be elaborate or expensive; the suggestions listed below involve such simple items as nail polish, tin foil and standard craft supplies.

Create commemorative pillow cases or T-shirts.  Buy inexpensive t-shirts, tank tops or pillow cases and provide permanent markers so your guests can create matching designs and then each sign the others’ creations.

Decorate picture frames with paints, stickers, jewels, glitter, etc. Then take photos of all guests and place them in the frames as keepsakes.

Nail Polish Spin Game.  Place several colors of nail polish the middle of the circle and have someone spin a bottle of nail polish.  Whoever the cap points to when it stops spinning must paint one of her fingernails in that color.  This person should then spin another colored nail polish bottle, etc.  Include toes to make the game last longer.

Foil Make Over Game.  Divide the guests into teams and give each team 1 or 2 rolls of aluminum foil and some rubber bands.  The teams must try to create the most fabulous tinfoil outfits possible – skirts, tops, sunglasses, hats, boots and belts – anything goes!  Be sure to take photos of those silver creations.

Makeovers, manicures and pedicures are always a staple at a tween girls’ birthday slumber party.

birthday party invitation


Allow some time for meals, a movie (or two!) and the activities above – and you will be sure to have a successful sleepover for your tween.  To set the mood for your fun party, send a festive birthday party invitation such as Birthday Banner by designer Eliza DeVogel, shown above.  An order of 10 beautifully customized invitations from LookLoveSend.com costs just over $20.

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