Slumber Party Stumbles Part II

party-invitationsIt’s common knowledge the Slumber Party is a perennial favorite party idea for kids of a certain age. First-time sleepovers are certainly a rite-of-passage of sorts for kids beginning around age 7. For the parents, hosting a sleepover for the first-time can also be as much of a right of passage!

Be a Prepared Sleepover Host

If your child wants to plan a sleepover, here are some good ideas for you as host to avoid slumber party stumbles. Be prepared before sending out slumber party invitations with these tips:

Homesickness vs. Real Sickness

Most parents will know whether their child could struggle with missing home at the sleepover. Ask them ahead of time at what point would they want a phone call (the first “I want to go home” or wait until tears?). Also make a plan ahead of time–find out the best way to get in touch with parents in the middle of the night. A cell phone next to the bed might be heard better than the home phone line. If real sickness strikes, decide whether you will drive the child home or if the parent wants to pick him or her up.

Musical Beds

Find out where the child will be most comfortable. Not all kids can handle the floor if it’s an indoor camp-out, and some don’t want to share a bed. Be prepared ahead of time with an extra, portable mattress.

Sleepwalkers, Bedwetters & Bad Dreams

Sleepwalking and sleep-talking can be handled easily with soothing talk and maybe a trip to the bathroom to break the spell. But have an extra set of sheets and a towel out and ready if bed wetting is a possibility. Find out from the parent how they handle bad dreams too, because pulling a child into your bed is not a smart option even if that’s how you handle your own child. Offer a glass of water, hold their hand or stroke their head until they fall asleep or tell you they are okay.

Slumber Party Invitations

All of these tips apply to a group sleepover too. If you’re planning to host a sleepover party soon, check out the selection of party invitations available at www.looklovesend.com. You can order in quantities as low as 10 and turnaround is fast–your order ships the next business day!

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