Spread the Spirit with a Holiday Gift Swap for Kids

holiday-party-invitationsPlanning a holiday party for kids can be easy when you are inspired by a fun holiday party invitation, like this cute polar bear invitation (at right). So much of the holidays revolves around the host of activities that bring kids joy and pleasure, like class holiday parties, tree festivals, caroling, ornament exchanges, cooking baking, etc.

Gathering kids together for these well-known activities make great holiday party themes, but what about pushing kids to really get into the spirit of the season with a gift giving party? Well-known adult versions such as the “white elephant” or “Yankee swap” are good models and can be modified for younger age groups.

Tips for Throwing a Gift Swap Party

You’ll have to provide enough details in the holiday party invitations such as:

  • Explain that the party is a gift swap
  • Ask that each child bring one wrapped gift for exchange. You might want to suggest a theme to make gift selection easy, such as a book, ornament or craft theme
  • Be firm about a budget to keep gifts fair (less than $10 or even $5 is ideal)

Once the party starts, organize the fun with basic rules, such as:

  • Direct kids where to put their gifts (on a table, on the floor, in a bag, etc.)
  • Organize the order of choosing a gift (alphabetically, drawing numbers, etc.)
  • Decide whether kids will be allowed to unwrap gifts as they choose, or need to wait until everyone has chosen a gift. This is important if you let kids take a gift someone else has chosen, typically allowed in the adult-version swap. Consider the age of the kids to make sure they can maturely handle their chosen gift being taken by the next person. If you suspect that could cause problems, stick to keeping gifts wrapped and having everyone choose from the pile before they get to open them.

These gift swap parties are also a great way for kids from all religious backgrounds to share the holiday spirit of gift giving, friendship and fun. For spirited, fun holiday party invitations, browse the growing collection available on www.LookLoveSend.com. Join the email list and receive 20% off your first order.

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