Birthday Party Hosting Manners for Kids

birthday-party-invitationsHow often have you fretted about birthday invite etiquette? How early to send out birthday invitation cards; request RSVPs or Regrets Only; keeping your child from talking about the party to those not invited. But what about preparing the birthday boy or girl some manners for playing host at the party?

A bit of wisdom in a recent issue of The Week news magazine put it very simply:

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners” –Emily Post, quoted in the Salt Lake City Deseret News

It seems our friend Ms. Post once again has the answers. But what a great way to explain to our kids why using manners matter! In kidspeak, manners matter not so much because of what others think about you, but because manners show you care about how others feel.

So when it comes to coaching your birthday party star (a.k.a. host) on basic hosting manners, explain it in the context of others’ feelings rather than just “the right thing to do.” Try applying this notion to core party activities, such as:


The power of having your child say hello to every guest who arrives is the simplest way to show he or she cares about that guest. This simple gesture immediately makes the guest child feel welcome, not just invited!


It’s natural for your child to want to spend the most time with their best buddy. But explain that since they invited others as well, they need to make sure everyone has a good time.


The obvious teaching is to make sure your child thanks everyone for their gift. But what happens when they receive a duplicate? The best way to avoid this situation is to postpone opening gifts until after the party (and prepare your child for this ahead of time). But sometimes a guest’s enthusiasm forces the issue, so make sure if it’s something your child already has, she knows to simply say thank you anyway.


Kids love party games, and there’s nothing wrong about a little competition to make it exciting and fun. Just be prepared with treats or giveaways for everyone for participating, even if the winner gets something a little extra special. Also coach your child about being a goods port.


The ultimate act is an easy one for the birthday child: saying THANK YOU FOR COMING as each guest leaves. This simple act matches the greeting in that your child shows they care. This doesn’t excuse your child from sending out thank you notes after the party ends, of course.

Since nothing works so well as modeling these behaviors yourself, it’s okay to lead your child through these activities and set an example. To find fun kids birthday party invitations, visit www.looklovesend.com and browse a fabulous collection of design styles and color choices. Many invitations may be customized with a photo and are printed on high quality paper. Join the email list and receive 20% off your first order!

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