Summer Approaches and So Does Planning Your Holiday Photo Card!

Holiday photos? Holiday greeting cards? Yes! It is not too early to start thinking ahead to the summer adventures that can provide a bevy of perfect moments to capture on camera fory our holiday greeting cards.

Let’s face it, it would be wise to havesome back-up choices come November, when kids are frequently sick with a virus, strung out from school, and so jazzed about the latest Nintendo DSi that they can’t see straight…nevermind smiling patiently into your camera lens! It really could take several attempts during the summer months just to get one picture that captures some semblance of the charm we believe our families possess. Or, at least an image that the grandparents think is worthy to share with their friends.

Mighty our plan include matching shirts? Family pyramid? Posed portrait or action shot? Gorgeous scenery or grinning close-up? Whatever your preferences, don’t fall victim to contrived scene setting like this frustrated mom: (http://youtu.be/mjtqoQE_ezA):

Instead, think now about which summertime activities could bring the right kind of relaxed, outdoor moments in which to take advantage of natural lighting and easy smiles.

Whether it’s sunburned cheeks, chins run amok with watermelon juice, or sand soaked smiles at the beach, summer lets you take a more relaxed approach to photography. Even if you aren’t the type that aspires to a  picture-perfect presentation every year for your holiday greeting cards, summer time is your season.

The talented designers at LookLoveSend.com are busy creating fresh, inspiring looks for this year’s unique holiday photocards. While they’re designing, start snapping. You can include a loose photo in a traditional card, or customize an online photo holiday card. Subscribe today to receive 20% off your first offer.

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