Thank you Card Basics for Kids

Did your child receive a gift of money and want to text his thanks in some shorthand message along the lines of “Thx 4 the cash. CU L8R. XO Jim”? Teaching your child the importance of a timely handwritten note of thanks is a great lesson that will serve him well for years to come.

thank you cardThe ability to write a good handwritten thank you card will come in handy – think of all the gifts, interviews and special events your child will be thankful for throughout his lifetime! And why not underscore the importance of the thank you card by selecting some special personalized cards for your child’s use? Think outside the box and consider the growing selection of (wedding) thank you cards available at LookLoveSend.com. Many of these thank you cards allow photo personalization and “Michael and Mary” can be easily edited to read “Thank you from Jim”!

Thank You CardsLate spring is a busy time for kids to give thanks for First Communion, Confirmation, and Graduation gifts of cash. Checkout this personalization of a LookLoveSend “wedding” thank you card with a child’s photo and white space to add his personal words of thanks.

Once you have selected your thank you cards, here are some thank you card basics for kids.

When? Ideally send the thank you within two weeks of receiving the gift, but a late thank you is always better than none at all.

To whom? Unless you thanked the gift giver in person or if you live with the gift giver, you should write a thank you note. (Not applicable to kids, but the exception is that a thank you must be written for all shower gifts!)

How long? At a minimum, the thank you should be 4 sentences. For example. (1) Thanks for the gift. (2) Why you like it. (3) How you’ll use it and (4)a closing sentence such as “looking forward to seeing you soon”.

Any specifics for the money gift? A thank you for money should never name the amount of the gift. Instead of focusing on the money, do say how you plan to use the money – whether buying something now or saving it for another time.

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