Let your Party Invitation Shine

birthday party invitationsIf you are a mother of school-age children, chances are you are coordinating calendars for yourself, your kids, and your overall familyall at once. Whether your family schedule is coordinated via smartphone, ipad, or a traditional calendar hung on the refrigerator, the only constant is that it gets fuller as your kids get older.

And just when you get the standard activities, lessons and sports marked on the calendar…along come the emails. Reminder emails for sports practices, games and other after school activities, coordination emails for playdates, invitation emails for birthday parties…it never ends!

And if you are on Facebook you probably have at least one active invitation at a time. Reminders for school plays, invitations to fundraisers, parties and online events that a Friend thought you may like.

When properly managed, these email alerts and Facebook invitations can be an effective way to manage your family’s schedule. But, the downside of these electronic communications is that a truly meaningful invitation risks getting lost in all the noise.

birthday party invitationsThis is where the power of a beautifully printed card sent via the U.S. Postal Service reigns supreme. If you are planning a special occasion this summer, do consider sending a customized card so your invite gets the attention it deserves. Consider this fantastic baby’s first birthday party invitation by designer Amanda Voss.

Don’t let your invitation get lost in a cluttered inbox or crowded among Facebook posts. Instead, send a beautifully customized invitation that’ll be posted on the refrigerator long after the calendar page is turned.

Checkout the growing selection of beautiful cards available at LookLoveSend to celebrate your special occasions. Subscribe today and receive 20% off your first order with us!

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