Wedding Planning Extra: Protect What You Can’t Prevent

A Philadelphia couple and their 150 guests had to evacuate, effectively canceling their destination wedding on North Carolina’s Outer Banks…for a second year in a row. Ten months of planning could not prevent it!

Then there’s the Leibowitz wedding at Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont. Their dream of a rustic Green Mountain wedding came true, only to end with flood waters washing out bridges and stranding them with about 100 wedding guests.

wedding planningWhen Weatherproofing Becomes Disaster Planning

In a recent blog, Weatherproofing Your Wedding, we recently suggested some ways to to make the most of inclement weather. But recent events on the East Coast underscore some insurmountable risks when weddings and other events find themselves staring at potential disaster.

This risk is not exclusive to late summer/early fall weddings on the coast. There’s winter’s ice storms, the west’s wildfires, Midwestern tornadoes, and earthquakes, which apparently happen anywhere anytime! But what are the odds that Mother Nature’s rages will wreak havoc on your special day?

Plan for Year-Round Weather Risks

Planning for the worst isn’t really the attitude most couples want to have when planning such a special event. But there are a few steps you can take to sleep better at night if you think your location or time of year are particularly susceptible to potential disaster.

  • Travel Insurance This is a must for honeymoon travel plans requiring air travel or high-end accommodations. There’s too much at stake if you have to cancel for any reason–weather disaster or otherwise.
  • Wedding Event Insurance This insurance, such as the policy offered by Aon’s Wedsafe, is to cover costs for cancellation of the actual wedding event itself for any of the following reasons:
    • Weather so extreme it prevents the wedding from taking place
    • Unexpected illness or injury to the bride, groom, or key family member
    • Withdrawal of approved leave for a bride or groom in the military
    • Other losses, such as to a wedding gown, lost jewelry or undelivered or damaged photographs

Either of these plans are relatively inexpensive compared to the overall expenses they protect. Most plans run between anywhere between $200 to $500, perhaps more for additional coverage. It’s really a matter of weighing the odds of weather disaster with your location, time of year, and need for peace of mind.

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