Your Child’s Birthday Party: Make it all about the Number

Kids are usually so excited to announce their age; I’m sure we’ve all heard a childproudly state that she is 5 3/4 years old and try to hold up as many fingers. This is particularly true on a young child’s birthday as she gets a year “bigger” and feels more grown up. So for your next kids’ birthday party, broadcast the age of your child and make it all about being “X” years old.

Set the tone by sending a birthday party invitation that specifically references the age of your child. LookLoveSend.com has a great selection of girl and boy age-specific birthday cards such as A Colorful Celebration by designer Sandra Roth, shown below.

As with most of our birthday party invitations, many or all text elements can be edited and colors changed – so this blue 1-year old card could just as well be modified as a pink 5-year old card.

birthday party invitationsEnhance your child’s excitement about getting a year older by incorporating his age into decorations wherever you can. Adorn the birthday cake with your child’s age (and not just by the candle count). To decorate a blank wall or door, simply blow up colored balloons and double-stick tape them in the shape of your child’s birthday number.

birthday party invitationsThe pinata is always a favorite for kids ages 4 and up; either buy one in the shape of your child’s age or make your own (hint: you can use duct tape to shape your balloon number mold, it’s actually less difficult than you’d think!) It’s fair to say that we become less excited about birthday cards announcing our age as we grow older. So embrace your child’s excitement about being 6 while you can. Join our mailing list to receive 20% off your first birthday party invitation order with us.

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