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Custom Wedding Invitation

Custom Wedding InvitationIf you want a custom wedding invitation but don’t think you can afford it, try shopping online with LookLoveSend. You will find hundreds of original designs from our team of real artists. Many designs are available not only in multiple color palettes, but are also customizable with your photos and text so that you can create a truly unique wedding invitation.

Five Tips for Creating a Custom Wedding Invitation


Start with what inspires you. Will your wedding take place during your favorite season? Are you set on specific colors? Does the venue you’ve selected evoke a certain style? Is there a special symbol or image that captures your imagination? Are you going for a theme? Many of LookLoveSend’s wedding invitation designs are inspired by these things. Browse our collection to find a custom wedding invitation design that inspires you!


The simple elegance of traditional white is timeless, but color that is used in a balanced and interesting way can add pizzazz and sets your day apart. LookLoveSend artists are not afraid of color, and they are excellent at balancing different colors to create a beautiful effect. You can even use an invitation design you love just for its color as inspiration for the rest of your wedding!

Coordinated Components

A complete custom wedding invitation suite includes multiple pieces of stationery. Pull together your wedding day with a design that coordinates all pieces: save the date cards, wedding invitation, reception card, response card, menu, directions, place setting cards, wedding program, thank you notes, gift enclosures and shower invitations. LookLoveSend’s designers apply a design in interesting ways to each component in a wedding suite.


Style doesn’t mean trendy. It’s about confidence–yours! Choose a style that suits you, your fiancé, your venue, or one that simply inspires you!


Blend styles, create a marriage monogram, use your own photo images. Add an unexpected quote. LookLoveSend designs allow you to customize and personalize.


Online Birthday Invitations

Online Birthday InvitationsThe ease of online birthday invitations cannot compete with the pleasure of receiving a printed one in the mail. Printed birthday invitations remain the norm for kids, and even as adults we ourselves feel more excited about a personally addressed envelope than another email. Given the amount of emails, texts, tweets and other electronic communications pulsing through our gadgets on a daily basis, a printed party invitation is a refreshing form of communication and something just a little extra special.

Skip Online Birthday Invitations for Printed Ones

When planning a special party, if you wouldn’t consider sending online birthday cards to your guest of honor, use that same logic when deciding on your invitations for the event. It may seem like a good idea to go with online birthday invitations, especially if you need to plan fast or don’t want to  pay postage. On the other hand, today’s Internet stationery sources can turn orders fast and can personalize your invitation with just a few clicks. In fact, if you are concerned about finding the time to shop, ordering original, custom birthday invitations through LookLoveSend is the way to go.

LookLoveSend’s party collection contains a wide array of birthday invitations designed for all ages and in many styles. You will find a great selection of party invitations for kids, from the milestone first birthday party on up through the teen years. LookLoveSend also has great invitation designs for adult birthday parties as well, and all designs are original that will inspire the rest of your party planning.

The best thing about ordering online birthday invitations from LookLoveSend is how fast the process is. With a few clicks on your chosen design, you can customize it with a photo, choose among available color palettes and paper types, write your own text and select font styles. Your order ships the next business day.

Custom Birth Announcements

Custom Birth AnnouncementsSharing your happy news of a new baby is easy with custom birth announcements like the high quality, original designs from LookLoveSend. Their wide selection of adorable birth announcement cards come in many styles and colors that you can customize with a photo of your new bundle of joy. Other than having to decide among so many original designs, the biggest challenge will be getting a picture of the baby!

Tips for Custom Birth Announcement Photos

Getting great photos of your new baby isn’t always as easy as it might seem. Newborns in particular can be a challenge since they really only like one position, which is generally curled up in a ball!

Awake Time

It’s cause for awe when that new baby opens his or her eyes. Try to time your picture-taking after a feeding where you are more likely to get some awake time. But if you prefer, a sleeping newborn makes a precious subject to look at, so getting a photograph with open eyes isn’t the only way to go.

Skin so Soft

Another challenge photographing a newborn is minimizing common blemishes like scratches, baby acne and those stubborn little red spots that hang on in places like eyelids, foreheads, and elsewhere. This is where putting a black and white color photo in your custom birth announcement might be a good choice. LookLoveSend makes it easy to edit a baby’s skin imperfections with an optional photo treatment tool that turns a color photo into a black and white one.

Close ups and Collages

The best sources for custom birth announcements will give you a wide selection of layouts for your photos. LookLoveSend’s collection of birth announcement cards run the gamut from single close-up portrait-style designs to other collage-style designs with multiple spaces for several photos of baby. This is especially helpful if you cannot decide on a single photo or want to include other pictures of the baby, for example with siblings.

Create Birthday Invitations

Create Birthday InvitationsOne of the best ways to plan a unique birthday party is to create birthday invitations that are original and set the tone for your party. Party invitations are as important a detail as the theme, menu and activities, because a poorly executed invitation will entice no one! You may decide to indulge your inner arts and crafts guru, but if you are short on time or lacking the expertise, turn to the original, exclusive party invitation designs at LookLoveSend.

Create Birthday Invitations Online

One the easiest ways to make birthday cards is also your best bet for original invitations–customizing online designs. Sources like LookLoveSend specialize in custom party invitations and offer a wide selection of original designs you can personalize with text and sometimes photos. You can avoid the glue gun and stamp set altogether when you shop their stylish, fun designs.

Here are the reasons to shop online when you want to create birthday invitations:

  • Quickly upload a favorite photo of your birthday guest of honor or any other photo image you want to use
  • Write a personalized message using their online edit tool, choosing from the design’s selection of font styles and font s
  • Customize your invitation further by choosing a coordinating color or pattern for the backside (or printing more information if needed)
  • Print a return address on your envelopes
  • Get your order fast–it ships the next business day!

LoveSend’s experienced customer service team will also pay close attention to your order, and if you use the ‘special instructions’ box requiring any additional changes or help they’ll email you a proof to approve before printing. You can rest assured that creating birthday invitations through LookLoveSend will ensure your invitations are professionally printed in bold, rich inks on premium, heavy weight papers. For larger gatherings such as milestone birthday parties, take advantage of free shipping for orders larger than 50.

Online Birth Announcements

Online Birth AnnouncementsThe online birth announcements that new parents shop for look so great partly because the babies that appear on the samples are professionally photographed. But the other reason besides model babies and professional lighting is that the baby photo somehow coordinates perfectly with the card design. Of course this is done intentionally, because the designer who designed the card deliberately chooses a photo that make the design look it’s best.

You can also achieve this very same stylish, pleasing look to your own birth announcements with your baby’s photo. In fact, instead of choosing a design you like first, keep an open mind when shopping online birth announcements and let the photo be what determines which card design you choose. Don’t try to fit your photo into a design you like if it doesn’t work.

Consider Design When Shopping Online Birth Announcements

The main thing to keep in mind when you are shopping online birth announcements is visual balance. For example, balance a card design that has a lot of color or graphic details with a single black and white photo. Or try a close-up shot in a card that has a lot of color and pattern rather than a full body shot. A simpler card design, on the other hand, could balance multiple photos of baby that consist of lots close-in details, like baby’s feet and hands.

LookLoveSend makes it easy to preview your baby photos in different design layouts with a high-resolution, close-up view. That way you can see how your photo will look on the card before you buy. The easy-to-use photo customization tool allows you to play around with your favorite photos, zooming in or out and applying different color treatments, including sepia tones or black and white. All online birth announcements are printed on your choice of high quality, heavy weighted matte or glossy papers.

Online Baby Shower Invitations

Online Baby Shower InvitationsSending online baby shower invitations is one way to organize a shower. But for such a special, momentous milestone in life, why let the event languish in cyberspace with no tangible evidence? Short of printing out an online baby shower invitation, actually ordering printed baby shower invitations online is more worthy of the event. Even in the modern digital age in which we live, it’s a more appropriate, thoughtful way to go.

Mailing out beautiful baby shower invitations doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use popular social media sites for related conversations. Nor should it keep you from talking about the shower on Facebook, Twitter or other sites to organize details for the event. For example, if some guests want to help out, (such as bringing food or showing up early to decorate), communicating through social media is a great way to do it. Just be sure to keep the expecting mom or couple out of the back-and-forth, and if it’s a surprise, be extra careful.

Online Baby Shower Invitations Don’t Leave Much of a Trail

The main objection to sending online baby shower invitations isn’t just appropriateness or thoughtfulness either. Babies grow up, and no one more than the babies themselves like thumbing through their baby books, looking at the trail of evidence of their arrival, and the ways in which it was greeted. Few items stand out as much as the invitation to their baby shower. While birth announcement cards are usually the memorabilia that gets framed, a beautifully printed baby shower invitation has it’s place.

You’ll find the kind of uniqueness in designs and variety of styles to suit any expecting mom or couple in the baby shower invitation collection at LookLoveSend. All invitations are printed on your choice of a high quality premium paper stock worthy of the event. With so many designs, styles, color and font choices, you’re sure the find the right invitation for the baby shower you are planning.

Baby Shower Invitations Online

Baby Shower Invitations OnlineShopping for baby shower invitations online can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It’s always a good idea to ask the expecting mom (or couple) a few questions first.

Questions to Answer for Baby Shower Invitations Online

Order your baby shower invitations online and get them out in a timely manner. Try to allow for six weeks, but no fewer than four weeks before the shower date.

Baby Shower Theme

Find out if they have a theme in mind, if they want a gender-specific invitation, or any other style ideas. Of course many times it is left up to the host to decide. If you aren’t sure what would appeal most to the mom-to-be, go with a design inspired by the planned nursery decor, a favorite children’s book, or something as simple as a color scheme. LookLoveSend’s original baby shower invitation designs come in a variety of color options.

Baby Shower Guest List

You’ll need to know how many baby shower invitations online to order, and it’s a good idea to add a few extra for last-minute additions by the expecting mom. Also, for an additional cost, high quality Internet sources like LookLoveSend can mail your invitations for you. So have your guest list ready for the count, and addresses too if you choose to have them sent directly, saving you time.

When, Where, Who

Determine where the shower will take place, either in a private home or public setting, and set a time. Have address information ready for the location, as well as the name and best way for guests to RSVP (telephone, email, etc.). You will need all of these details when creating the shower invitations online.

With the logistics figured out, you are ready to order your baby shower invitations online. Then you can shift your focus to planning more creative elements of the party, such as the menu, games and party favors.


Make Your Own Baby Shower Invitations

Make Your Own Baby Shower InvitationsEver had a friend whose good intentions were so overrun by a lack of organization and stick-to-it-ness that you found you had to make your own baby shower invitations at the last minute? What do you do if that kind of a friend wants to host your baby shower? You can’t very well throw your own shower, so meet her halfway.

If you have a friend who makes a great hostess but a poor party planner, help her (and save yourself) by finding your own shower invitations online. You will be pleased with the high quality and easy ordering available at LookLoveSend, whose large selection of stylish, original designs can be easily personalized with photos, text, color and font choices to create unique invitations.

Make Your Own Baby Shower Invitations the Easy Way–Online!

LookLoveSend’s easy online tools to make your own baby shower invitations are so easy to use:

Quick View

Click on an invitation design to see a larger image up close, along with Card Details such as design name, item number, designer, card dimensions, and paper color. If the design is available in more than one color, select a different color and see how the design changes on screen.

Customize Your Card

Start making your own baby shower invitation by selecting what type of paper stock you want it printed on, specifying whether you want  flat or folded invitations (if available), your quantity (order anywhere from 10 or more), and click anywhere that says ‘Edit’ to enter the details of your shower. Don’t forget to include information about the baby registry!

Personalize the invitation too

Some designs can incorporate a photo if you wish to personalize the shower invitation even more. You might include a photo of the expecting mom or couple, an image of the baby’s decorated nursery, or any other favorite image you wish. It’s always a good idea to order extra envelopes too.



Wedding Invitation Websites

Wedding Invitation WebsitesShopping wedding invitation websites will yield better results if you keep in mind certain priorities. In addition to obvious concerns such as originality and selection, look for sources where product quality, ease of ordering and customer service also matter. Many wedding invitation websites claim to offer original designs and lots of styles, but fall short of everything else. Once you’ve spent the money, you don’t want to receive invitations on lackluster paper, poor print quality or even mistakes! If you find the ordering process difficult, and can’t seem to customize your invitation the way you want, that may be a clue that the back-end quality doesn’t extend beyond the images of those online wedding invitations.

Shopping at LookLoveSend will keep you safe from these mistakes!

Wedding Invitation Websites that Work

You’ll find all the right elements in place at LookLoveSend. While immediately apparent that there is a broad selection of styles and designs are highly original, you’ll also quickly find easy customization and ordering. We use the latest tools in online technology that make uploading personal photos fast, and customizing those images to look the way you want is a breeze. Editing your text is easy too, with an option for further edits or to ask questions available in the form of a ‘special instructions’ box.

People Back Our Website

The best thing about ordering wedding invitations online at LookLoveSend compared to other wedding invitation websites is the team of people behind the site. In addition to a knowledgeable customer service staff who handles the details of your order start to finish, we also have a highly experienced print team to ensure the print quality of your order. Customer service oversees any specifications you request and will email you a proof to approve before printing. They’ll then follow through on your order with an email to confirm that you’ve received it and are completely satisfied.

Make Baby Shower Invitations

Make Baby Shower InvitationsIf you are hosting a small gathering, you may prefer to make baby shower invitations for the expecting mom, especially if you have a tight budget and lots of creative ideas to burn. On the other hand, if you’re short on time or craftiness, you will find original, stylish invitations at LookLoveSend that you can order in quantities as low as ten.

Why Not Make Baby Shower Invitations?

The main reasons to make baby shower invitations aren’t just about budget. Expecting moms want their baby shower invitations to be as unique and original as the new baby they are expecting. Those who host the shower also want to give her a stylish, beautiful shower she will enjoy, starting with the invitations. But today’s resources for ordering shower invitations online offer so much more originality and style than ever before.

Stylish Selection

You’ll find a large collection of unique, original designs at LookLoveSend. Designs come in many different styles to suit the tastes of moms everywhere, from hip and modern to sweet and timeless. Many designs can be ordered in several different color palates, not just the typical pink and blue for a boy or a girl. In addition, all designs have coordinating baby thank you notes, designed with the same graphic elements and colors as the invitations. Ordering these makes a great shower gift from the host who orders the invitations.

Easy Online Personalization

A big reason you may want to make baby shower invitations is to be able to make them highly personal, with details such as photos, monograms, or other added handmade touches such as stamping and ribbon. LookLoveSend makes personalizing their beautiful designs easy with their online customization and preview tools. You have additional choices such as font styles and coordinating patterns that print on the backsides of the invitations. With so many details to choose from, personalizing shower invitations online is faster and easier than making your own.