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Create Your Own Wedding Invitations

Create Your Own Wedding InvitationsIf you are a style-conscious bride planning a wedding and want the most original, unique look for your day, think twice about endeavoring to create your own wedding invitations. The labor and cost of materials may overwhelm your good intentions. Plus, with high quality Internet wedding stationery companies like LookLoveSend, you’ll find a huge selection of original, unique designs that will set your day apart.

Create Your Own Wedding Invitations Through Customized, Online Design

Once you see our selection of unique wedding invitation designs, you’ll likely scrap any ambitious plans for a DIY wedding invitation. Real artists from around the country create exclusive designs to suite a wide range of tastes. From traditional, formal designs to designs that are done in modern, whimsical and vintage styles, you’ll find an invitation with the unique style for you.

You can customize your invitation with any one of the hundreds of designs available. Customizing your design is just like creating your own wedding invitations, except you do it online and in a fraction of the time. It’s so easy! Start by selecting a design and choosing a color palate if there is more than one available. Edit the design with your own wording, select a font style and size, choose a paper texture, coordinating card back design and envelope liner, and you’ll see just how unique yet professional your invitation will look.

Create Your Look with a Complete Wedding Invitation Suite

Once you create your own wedding invitations online with us, shop for the other components you may need for your special day. Complete wedding invitation suites are available for all our designs, including save the dates, reception cards, response cards, place cards, directions and menus, ceremony programs, and thank you notes. You can also choose to have your wedding shower invitations done in the same design!

Make Your Own Invitations Online

Make Your Own Invitations OnlineToday more than ever there are good reasons to make your own invitations online. Selection, personalization, and service have never been better! Internet stationery companies like LookLoveSend make ordering invitations online so easy and secure there’s no reason to leave the house.

Styles Galore to Make Your Own Invitations Online

Planning a special occasion requires you give some thought about the style you want. Whether it’s your own wedding, a friend’s baby shower, or your parents’ anniversary party, your event should have a special invitation that sets the right tone or suits a certain taste. The sheer variety of design styles available at LookLoveSend will inspire you to make your own invitations online. You can choose from among hundreds of styles, everything from traditional to modern, vintage or whimsical. There are also countless designs that blend these tastes or use a theme to inspire other elements for the event you are planning.

Personalizing your invitations online is easy to do. LookLoveSend uses the latest technology to upload a high resolution photo fast into a selected design. Customize your image further by positioning it properly into the design, or apply a different color treatment such as black-and-white or sepia tones for a timeless look. When you want to make your own invitation online, finding a design with enough room for your text is easy to do. LookLoveSend gives you a variety of font styles to play with, and you can re-size the font to make your text fit.

If you need more help, LookLoveSend’s knowledgeable customer service team is always at the ready. Use the “special instructions” box on the customization screen to ask for help, or contact them toll-free or through online chat during normal business hours. You will always receive a proof of your order to approve before it prints. If you aren’t completely satisfied, return the order for a full reprinting at no additional cost to you (other than shipping)–no questions asked!


Wedding Invitation Design

Wedding Invitation DesignWhen planning a wedding, one of the first decisions you’ll make will be to choose a wedding invitation design. Unlike setting the date and selecting a venue, finding a design for your wedding invitations is a creative decision. But it’s one you’ll need to make nearly as early in the wedding planning process, because you’ll likely want to send out save the date cards six to nine months in advance, and the design sets a tone and personal style for the entire event.

Wedding Invitation Design Styles

If you’re just beginning to plan your special day, choosing a wedding invitation design can feel overwhelming. Start by thinking about your personal taste, consider the season, time of day and mood of your wedding venue. Go online to browse a wedding invitation source like LookLoveSend, whose wide selection of styles will inspire you. Our coordinated designs comprise entire wedding invitations suites, which include all components you will need for your wedding stationery, from save the date cards through invitations, response cards, programs and more. Here’s a look at some of the kinds of styles you’ll see when shopping for your unique wedding invitation:


Plain white or ivory with scripted black or grey font comes to mind, but today’s traditional styles can have a more updated, contemporary feel using newer font styles, interesting ink colors or detailed borders.


Modern wedding invitation designs can be as formal as more traditional styles using simple, clean fonts, modern graphics or asymmetrical layouts.


A vintage design usually has a historical or handmade feel, often borrowing elements from popular styles of the past. Vintage styles tend to be a bit less formal and can set a more casual tone.


You’ll find a tremendous range in our floral designs, ranging from bold, splashy color to romantic, understated hues.


You can personalize your wedding invitation design with a monogram, typically a couple’s first name initials. Another increasingly popular trend is using a favorite photo, especially on a save the date card or wedding thank you note.


Create Invitations Online

Create Invitations OnlineGone are the days are wondering how your font will turn out or if you’ll like the way the your wording lines up. Thanks to technologically savvy Internet stationery companies like LookLoveSend, when you create invitations online, you always get to see exactly how the invitation will look.

You Can Create Invitations Online Quickly and Perfectly

You can pull together a special event very quickly when you create invitations online. In a matter of minutes, you can find a design in a style that appeals to you, click edit to change the wording, and make a few other decisions about quantities, paper stock, envelopes, and that’s it–you are done! What makes this quick, easy ordering of invitations online even better is that you also get to view your invitation online before your order so you can see exactly how it looks.

Shopping onlinegives you a variety of design options to make your invitations even more special. LookLoveSend’s designs allow for additional customization with a personal photo, and other designs offer a variety of color palates to choose from. Decide between flat or folded card options and whether you want backside printing or coordinating envelope liners. You can also print your invitations on either a smooth or textured paper stock and with envelopes that print a return address. Once you’ve clicked your way through these decisions, you get to preview a large image of your custom design online–with your photo and text.

Ordering That’s Foolproof – Guaranteed!

After you create your invitations online, LookLoveSend customer service will email you a proof before printing your order. With your approval, your invitations ship the next business day. This fast turnaround on top of quick ordering makes the whole process of creating invitations online efficient and foolproof. Even if you receive your order and see a mistake, LookLoveSend will reprint it at no additional charge except shipping.


Party Invitations Online

Party Invitations OnlineYou will find an endless selection of party invitations online available today, but not all websites are equal. Shopping for party invitations online will likely lead you to designs that you like, but don’t ignore the quality beyond the image on the screen. Just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t decide on ordering a party invitation online simply because you like how it looks.

Quality Matters When Ordering Party Invitations Online

The experts at LookLoveSend offer party invitations that are not only visually appealing, but also beautiful to the touch. The paper quality is immediately notable, since all party invitations and other stationery prints on heavier than average paper stock and comes in different choices of smooth matte or textured finishes. They also offer a high gloss option for designs with photo customization. Your invitations include envelopes of similar high quality, often with the option to include a coordinating liner for an added extra touch of quality.

In addition to high quality papers, LookLoveSend prints all orders in-house using their own state-of-the-art print presses and rich, bold inks. Your order is handled start to finish by this team of print and customer service professionals, and if they see any problem, they will contact you. An online “special instructions” box appears as you customize your party invitation so that you can ask for additional help if you aren’t sure how it will look. You will always see a proof of your party invitation online to approve before your order gets printed so you can be sure it’s exactly what you want.

The quality of your experience ordering party invitations online at LookLoveSend goes beyond paper and printing. They ensure a total quality experience, shipping your order within 24 hours of receiving it. And they guarantees your complete satisfaction; if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the finished product, they will take it back for reprinting at no additional cost (except shipping.)


Create Your Own Invitations

Create Your Own InvitationsThere are many reasons to create your own invitations. Most people attempt to make their own invitations thinking they can save money, or because they want originality. But another approach is to order invitations online. LookLoveSend offers a wide variety of invitations with highly original  designs by real artists. But LookLoveSend also gives you the ability to customize your invitations by writing your own text, uploading a personal photo, and choosing among color palates, font styles, and adding a return address to your envelopes.

Time and Material to Create Your Own Invitations

If you endeavor to create your own invitations, you are committing time and materials. In fact, you can potentially spend more than you planned if you have to purchase materials. Even with resourcefulness and creativity, using materials you already have, you also need to have the time. Consider how many invitations you would need to create before deciding whether to create your own invitations or buy them. For occasions requiring fewer than ten invitations, maybe creating your own invitations would be more economical than buying them.

Customize Your Invitations Online

LookLoveSend accepts orders for as few as ten invitations, so it’s a good idea to browse their selection before you decide to create your own invitations. You will be impressed by the range in styles, fine details and options to personalize their invitations for your occasion. Their selection and quality is hard to beat. Extra design options include choices for color and pattern printed on the backsides of your invitations, deciding between flat or folded invitations, and adding coordinating envelope liners.

If you are really pressed for time, ordering from LookLoveSend means your invitations will ship the next business day after you place your order. If you order more than 50 invitations, domestic ground shipping is free. You can also choose a faster shipping option if needed.

Online Party Invitations

Online Party InvitationsIn our digital age, there is something irreplaceable about receiving an actual, paper party invitation in the mail. Simply sending online party invitations by email runs the risk of making a party forgettable. While emailing an online party invitation can save you time and money–no paper, no envelopes, no printing, no assembly and no postage–your money (and effort) is wasted if no one shows up!

How many times have you skimmed through your email in-box, unintentionally missing the latest Evite? Or worse, you see the email link to an online party invitation, but plow ahead to more immediate concerns, never returning to respond to it. So if you are planning a party, consider the event carefully. You may decide instead of creating online party invitations, you ought to order the party invitations online.

Paper Party Invitations Over Online Party Invitations

High quality Internet companies like LookLoveSend offer hundreds of invitation designs that you can customize. Their turnaround time to print and ship your order makes them an ideal choice for your next event. Whether you are planning a child’s birthday or a wedding, an anniversary or graduation party, you will likely find a party invitation design that fits your style at LookLoveSend.

You can customize your invitations online with your own wording and choose from a selection of color palates and font styles. Some invitation designs allow you to upload your own personal photo image, which you can further customize in black-and-white or sepia color tones. You will be able to preview your customized invitation immediately in a high-resolution image. An experienced customer service team handles your order from start to finish and will send you a final proof of your invitation for your approval before printing so you can make sure it’s absolutely right.

Don’t fret that your invitations won’t get out as fast as online party invitations would; printing is done on site and closely supervised to ensure a quality and timely product. All orders are shipped out within 24 hours.


Photo Invitations Online

Photo Invitations OnlineOrdering photo invitations online should not be time consuming or frustrating. The best companies for invitations online understand that your time is valuable, and no where will you see more evidence of this than on Don’t waste gas or time shopping at a crowded mall or local stationary shop where the selection is likely limited and the prices inflated. Shopping for your next photo invitations online at gives you a huge selection of designs, easy customization and fast turnaround on your order.

Limitless Design Styles for Photo Invitations Online

You will find all kinds of invitation design styles available on the Internet, so it’s good to have at least some idea of your own personal style. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, high quality websites like make determining your taste in online invitations easy. High resolution images show design details clearly. You can shop by color, by theme, by card shape, and even by designer! Enlarge the invitation online for a better view.

Customizing Invitations Online is Easy

The tools on make personalizing your photo invitation online very easy to do. If you choose a design for including a photo, click on Add Photo to upload a favorite photo directly from your computer. You can edit the photo by applying a special color treatment, such as black and white, zoom in or out, and swap it out easily for a different one if you don’t like it. Other ways to customize your invitation online include changing the font style and size and writing your own text.

Check Order Processing and Shipping

Read an Internet stationery company’s order processing and shipping policy carefully. Just because you are ordering invitations online doesn’t guarantee a fast turnaround on your order. However you can be sure your order here will ship the next business day. You also have the option to select a faster shipping option when you make your own invitations online.