Buying Pink or Blue Baby Birth Announcements?

Ultrasound inconclusive and want to know if you’ll be shopping for pink or blue baby birth announcements?  Here are some fun and quirky ways that have been said to “predict” the gender of your baby [source: Parenting, By Sasha Emmons]

baby birth announcements

How are you carrying?  This one is fairly well known.  Look at your baby bump – carrying high and it’s a girl, carrying low and it’s a boy.

Fast heartbeat?  Get your doctor to tell you the baby’s heartbeat rate at your next checkup.  Over 140 beats per minute means girl, less indicates boy.

Cravings?  Sweet = girl.  Salty = boy.  Simple as that.

By the numbers: the Mayans predicted baby’s sex by considering the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception.  If both are even or odd, she is carrying a girl.  If one is even and the other’s odd, it’s a boy.

Morning sickness?  Some say that significant morning sickness during the first trimester indicates girl.  Whereas a boy leads to little to no morning sickness.

Pimples?  A poor complexion during pregnancy is said to be due to a girl ‘stealing’ her mother’s beauty.   

The color of Drano?  Huh?  This one is the oddest.  Pee in a cup and add a tablespoon of Drano.  If the color changes to green, it’s a girl.  Blue is a boy.

Nothing scientific about these baby gender predictors, but they can be fun to consider in those months and weeks leading up to baby’s birth.  And once you have your bundle of joy, shop the great selection of baby birth announcements – for both girls and boys – available at LookLoveSend.com.

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