Christmas Cards from the Beach

If you live in Hawaii, California or Florida, stop reading now. This blog’s not for you. Please check back for tomorrow’s post or read one of our archived entries. This one’s for the rest of us who get to enjoy the blistering cold, ice and snow storms during that long winter stretch from Thanksgiving to St. Patrick’s Day.

holiday cardsIf you have not-so-fond memories of that icy drive coming home from grandma’s house last Christmas and want to try something new this year, why not consider a warm weather vacation during the holiday season? Trading in snow for sand could truly bring the family closer together and create some lasting memories. If this idea piques your interest, read below for some tips for getting the best deal for your holiday vacation travel [source: ABC News Travel].

  • The best time to book holiday season airfare is early fall. The first two weeks in October have been found as statistically best for the lowest prices.
  • In order to be well-informed about airfare pricing, get an idea of fares now as a baseline. Find travel sites and sign up now to receive alerts.
  • Avoid traveling the two days before and after Christmas.
  • Be open to less traditional vacation spots and less mainstream airports. Disney World, Orlando, or the Grand Canyon will surely be great vacation spots, but this is a departure from your usual holiday tradition so why not try a less traditional (and less expensive) holiday spot as well?

And don’t need to feel badly about missing the holidays at home. Plan a holiday dinner and gift exchange with family when you return – chances are everyone will be more relaxed after the mad rush of the holiday season anyway. And share your holiday greetings on paper if not in person. Send a Christmas card or Hanukkah card before you leave – and consider including a photo of your family on the beach with a caption along the lines of “Season’s Greetings from the Sun”.

Whether sending from the sun or snow, please checkout the extensive selection of fabulous designer holiday cards available at LookLoveSend.com.

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