Closing out 2011: the Worst in Baby Names

How many baby birth announcements did you receive in 2011?  Any for a Sophia, Emma, Aiden or Jackson (top names on the 2011 babycenter list)?  Or did your friends or family members decide on something more unique this past year?  Just as the fashion ‘don’ts’ and movie bloopers can often be entertainments highlights, here are some of 2011’s worst in baby names courtesy of the bump.

baby birth announcementsFacebook.  An Egyptian man named his daughter Facebook to celebrate the site’s significant role inEgypt’s protests and overthrow of its militant president.  True, the name has historical importance and meaning, but it’s a very big and strange name to live with…

Like.  It doesn’t stop there… An Israeli couple named their daughter Like, after the Facebook button.  These parents found the name to be short, sweet and unique.  When does this trend end…?

Moroccan.  Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon combined their names for one of their recently-born twins.  Yes, the name is quirky and unique, but Moroccan Cannon just doesn’t have that catchy ring that most celebrities crave.

Press.  Another media-driven name.  The story goes that former Bachelor contestant Shayne Lamas and gossip blogger Nik Richie called their unborn daughter “Press Baby” because she was talked about so much in the media before she was born.  Months later the nickname stuck and the baby was named Press.  This could be a tale of warning for parents with cute nicknames for their baby bumps. 

Cullen.  This is further evidence of enduring Twilight-mania.  Isabella and Jacob have already climbed high in the top baby name list, but the vampire family last name (Cullen) brings this naming trend to a new level that may not be so appreciated in years to come.

Trendy.  In yet another nod to social media, UK-based soccer star Gabriel Zakuani and his wife  named their son Trendy and admitted that Twitter and “trending topics” influenced their name choice. Enough said.

So what’s going to be on this year’s It-Seemed-Good-At-The-Time baby name list?  Tweet? Hashtag?  Let’s hope for more Olivias and Liams in 2012.  Happy New Year from the team at LookLoveSend!

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