Holiday Photo Cards Gone Wrong

Family photos, more than any other part of the annual holiday card, get us to tear open the envelopes. Even more than reading the family update letter, it’s the photo that is the essence of the holiday card.

So what makes for a great choice in photo for this year’s holiday photo card? We searched the web for some of the best examples of the most popular kinds of family holiday photos:

  1. The Professional Portrait
  2. The Santa Picture
  3. Matching Outfits
  4. Scenic Nature Shot

Exhibit A: The Professional Portrait (below)

Sometimes even a paid expert can’t fix things. At least a professional would have extra “shots” on hand.


Exhibit B: The Santa Picture (below).

Even Jolly Old Saint Nick himself couldn’t elicit smiles and good cheer from these teens. Did no one bring ponytail holders or headbands? These kids could use some candy.


Exhibit C: Matching Outfits

They love their yoke sweaters! Just look at those smiles…if they could only see (hear) ours!


Exhibit D: Scenic Nature Portrait (below)

This picture has it all–professional photography, matching shirts, smiles. Okay, there’s no Santa, but I don’t think that’s the problem. Are you also hoping this one didn’t get into the hands of these boys’ friends?


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