May-hem: Coping with Overload

wedding invitationsMay is Mayhem–no getting around it. More large events occur during this month than any other time of year. More wedding invitations, baby shower invites, and graduation announcements are just the tip of the iceberg. Pile on end-of-year school and extra-curriculars, spring sports, confirmations, summer camp planning, and you have good reason to refer to the month as Mayhem!

Here are a few tools and tactics to try help cope with the Mayhem:

Upgrade Your Toolbox

  • Whiteboard. If you like having a clean slate you can control completely, go ahead and draw up your own calendar. But if you’re missing that Type-A gene, then read on….
  • MomAgenda Family Planner. This is a fill-in-the-blank calendar, but distinguishable by the way it separates kids’ stuff from your stuff. A great choice when you need something posted publicly for everyone to refer to.
  • Go digital. You’re only as smart as your phone. Set up calendar alerts on your smart phone to remind yourself before you miss an event or task.
  • Margarita Mix. Or M&Ms, or your yoga mat, or whatever delights you, keep that at arms-length for a complete set of tools!
wedding invitations

The harmonious balance of Zen stones

Try New Scheduling Tactics

  • YOU go first. Put yourself at the top of the to-do list. Schedule aside time (like you do for everything else) to do whatever keeps you sane–exercise, brunch, extra sleep, shopping, etc.
  • Opt-OUT. Say no and mean it. Not only is it okay to cut something out, it’s essential. Take out just one thing from your weekly schedule and don’t waste time feeling guilty about it.
  • Time BLOCK Do just the opposite of multi-tasking: focus on just the task at hand and block out the other stuff during that time. Take a cue from the scientists who fixed the Hubble telescope, working one screw at a time, screw by screw, until finished. If they can do it under life-risking conditions, certainly you can do it during the course of your week.
  • LIST It Loyal list makers already get this. No matter how small, it helps enormously to check off the things that get done. It’s an exercise in accomplishment and a record of your time, even if the only boss you have to please is yourself.

These tools and tactics are especially helpful if you’re a bride planning your wedding. Once you’ve decided on a wedding date, go ahead and order your save the date cards. Wedding invitations can follow, coordinated in the same design. LookLoveSend.com makes it easy for you to find and personalize the right wedding invitation design that fits your style. Enter the monthly invitation sweepstakes for the chance to win $500 towards your order of personalized wedding invitations!

wedding invitations





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