Perfecting the Thank You Note

We’ve said it before: in this digital age, receiving a personal thank you cardthrough the mail sends a powerful message more so today than ever before. Think about it…how often do you expect to find much in your mail other than bills, promotions and circulars? Personal handwritten envelopes are no longer everyday items.


Peacock Feather Thank You by Susan Cahill

The Power of a Note for Even Small Acts

We’ve dissected the thank you note before, having in mind big events such as weddings, baby showers, graduation parties and other special occasions that involve gifts. There is room for an even briefer, personalized thank you card, an power in a handwritten note for even smaller acts of kindness, such as:

  • A neighbor’s help
  • An impromptu gathering
  • A special lunch out
  • An unexpected gift
  • A friend responding to a favor request

There are many more occasions where a short, heartfelt note can convey your sincere gratitude.

Short & Sweet: Don’t Belabor the Note

The simple act of sending a note means you shouldn’t have to belabor how it’s written and the exact words you use. Just use the simplest, most basic of thank you note formulas, which we’ve boiled down to the following three points:

  1. Thank you for the ____________________
  2. Your friendship/kindness/gesture _____________________ (meant so much/came at just the right time/helped me greatly, etc.)
  3. I’m so glad we’re ____________________ (friends, neighbors, in the same book club, etc.)

Done. Close the note in your style and sign your name. Three simple sentences on a beautiful thank you note card.

Find a Beautiful Design

To find a beautifully designed personalized thank you note in just your style, visit the collection of personalized thank you note stationery at www.looklovesend.com. All wedding, baby and personalized stationery is printed on premium, heavy weight paper stock and ordering is easy. You’ll receive free shipping when you order 50 or more notes.

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