Shifting Traditions: Baby Shower Invitations for Men?

Is it time to start designing baby shower invitations that appeal to men? Swap out the pastels, storks and teddy bears for some stripes, solid colors and the occasional team emblem?

These days, many circumstances put an “expecting Dad” in the spotlight at a baby shower. If mom goes on bed rest, for example, or if office coworkers throw the Dad-to-be a baby shower, there may be an opportunity to rethink the traditionally effeminate baby shower invitation.

Today’s notion of fatherhood also explains thewillingness of some expecting fathers to appear at baby showers either as part of the team (as in a “couples shower“) or in the spotlight alone. Maybe their wives insist. Or maybe….just may besome dads simply expect and want to be more involved in preparations for their new infant.

This is especially true when it comes to the gear! Baby gear is constantly changing, with new products coming out all the time.So are the regulations that go along with them. Consumer Reports’ online readership tends to lean male, age 35 and older. These are the dads researching over their wives’ shoulders and checking the baby registry. From the latest in infant car seats, to the lightest-weight, ergonomically designed, infant carrier backpack, expecting dads tune into Consumer Reports. How else to explain the emergence an all-terrain, hi-tech “Donkey” stroller┬áby Bugaboo, priced at an eye-popping $1,500?

For edgy and exciting baby shower invitations that appeal to a range of tastes, look no further than looklovesend.com. Their selection of original, high-quality designs are created by a deep bench of diverse designers who draw from a wide range of experience and talent.

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